Sidney High School Sports Awards

Hamburg Reporter

Below is a short history of awards given to outstanding athletes at Sidney High School.

Craig Light Memorial Award

Awarded to the sophomore boy exemplifying the most determination, cooperation, and hard work in athletics.

2021—Taylor McFail

2020—Garrett Phillips

2019—Tyler Hensley

2018—Noah Jorgensen

2017—Jaden Sears

This has been awarded annually since 1973. Two athletes were honored that first year: John Gude and Jay Kirby.

Curt Lang Fire Award

Awarded to the season’s outstanding wrestler.

2021—Joseph Thompson

2020—Colton Hauschild

2019—Mister McNaughton

This has been awarded in most years dating back to 2004 when Mark Lang won the award.

Dale Hendrickson Memorial Track Award

Awarded to the most outstanding senior track athlete(s)

2021—Jolie Sheldon

2020—Noah Jorgensen

2019—Adam Thompson

2018—Cody Hankins

2017—Stephen McGee

Awarded annually dating back to 1982 when David Hendrickson was honored with the award.

Gary Spiegel Memorial Basketball Trophy

Awarded to the athlete showing the following characteristics: sportsmanship, character, leadership and ability.

2021—Leighton Whipple

2020—Madyson Duncan

2019—Brady Lorimor

2018—Cameron Whitehead

2017—Mackenzie Hulsing

Awarded annually dating back to 1977 when Lyle Cowles won the award.

Harold Douglas Memorial Award

Awarded to the outstanding senior athlete.

2021—Leighton Whipple

2020—Madyson Duncan and Olivia Larsen

2019—Camryn McClintock

2018—Bryson Duncan

2017—Maryn Phillips

Awarded annually dating back to 1952 when Dale Brown won the award.

2020 Harold Douglas winners Olivia Larsen and Madyson Duncan
2021 Dale Hendrickson award winner Jolie Sheldon, left, with award presenter Dave Mincer.
2020 Gary Spiegel award winner Madyson Duncan, right, with presenter Dave Mincer.
2021 Gary Spiegel award winner Leighton Whipple with presenter Dave Mincer.
2020 Craig Light award winner Garrett Phillips with 2018 winner Noah Jorgensen.
2021 Craig Light award winner Taylor McFail presented by 2020 award winner Garrett Phillips.
2021 Curt Lang award winner Joseph Thompson, presented by wrestling coach and 2006 award winner Aaron Lang.
2021 Harold Douglas award winner Leighton Whipple, presented by Dave Mincer.
2020 Dale Hendrickson award presented to Noah Jorgensen by Dave Mincer.