Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter

Husbands and Wives

        Keeping with last week’s theme, “It’s all about the music”, let me continue my tribute to Neil Diamond by introducing the late great Roger Miller, who wrote and recorded a little known classic, “Husbands and Wives”,  which Diamond included in a couple of his hit LPs. In my opinion, it’s well worth mentioning as one of the all-time great songs of the past half-century. In fact, I’m going to devote a portion of this week’s column attempting to recreate it, word for word. I could sing it, but that would turn everybody off pretty quickly. So here goes.

        “Two people, lonely looking like houses where nobody lives. Two people, each having so much pride inside, neither side forgives. The angry words spoken in haste, what a waste of two lives, It’s my belief pride is the chief cause of the decline in the number of husbands and wives.

        A woman and a man, a man and a woman, some can, some can’t and some can.”

        Of course, a song that short wouldn’t sell many records, so it would be necessary to sing through it twice to make it recordable. And the repeat of “some can” only demonstrates that most people can overcome that pride thing. It’s an important issue in all relationships.

        That being said, bear with me while I mention a few more of my favorites in the world of pop music. Of the well known artists, I like to listen to U2, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and ABBA, to name a few, but if pressured for my all-time favorite, I’d have to go with a lesser known group, who might be considered a flash in the pan to some, Dire Straits, who gained prominence with one big hit,

“The Walk of Life”. Way back then, I decided I had to have a CD which included that song. So I purchased their disc and have never regretted it. Bonuses were Sultans Of Swing, So Far Away, Money For Nothing, Brothers In Arms, and a personal favorite of mine, Romeo And Juliet. Unfortunately, Dire Straits disbanded a few years ago, so our disc will remain valued, but not that well known. Trust me, it’s great music.

        So, how was Halloween at your house? For First Wife Hallie and me, it was pretty darned good. We didn’t have a huge contingent of trick or treaters, but the 30, or so that we did have were all, in Hallie’s words, cute and well behaved. When we lived on north Main St. {about a hundred years ago}, we’d have anywhere from 110 to 130 kids, all mostly cute and mostly well behaved. Halloween, then, is mostly fun.

        And , I’m mostly outta here.