Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter

Boone’s Auto Salvage

Almost everything I write about in this space is a reminiscence of bygone events, recent or not so resent. This one is not so recent, but for me, it’s unbelievable and it’s unforgettable. 

It happened back in the eighties, when I took it upon myself to replace a broken taillight lens on first daughter Deena’s 1974 Ford. A simple bulb replacement wasn’t gonna do it as somehow the whole assembly was crunched. So I decided to find a replacement. For me, that meant a trip over to almost Lincoln, NE, Boone’s Auto Salvage, a huge junk yard which covered two hillsides and a good sized valley. When I got there, I went into the office and was greeted by guy seated on a swivel stool behind a cluttered counter. When he asked me if he could help me, I told him I was looking for a left side tail light assembly for a ’74 Ford Fairlane. I swear he moved only enough to turn to his right just a little and reached down, extended his arm and asked, “Ya mean this?” My mouth had to have opened an unbelievable amount when he sat up and showed me exactly what I had driven an hour to find— a left side tail light assembly for a 1974 Ford Fairlane, in great condition. I paid him his 30 dollar asking price, thanked him profusely and loaded up for the return trip to Hamburg. Is that incredible? I thought so, too, and I still do.

Incidentally, First Wife Hallie and I drove past that Boone’s location this week and Boone’s is no longer there. No more junk cars there anymore at all, just rolls and rolls of plastic drainage tile, none of it produced by my old employer, Crown-Line Plastics.

So why, you may ask, were John and Hal in that area this week? The answer to that one is simple. This week was Medical Week at the Fergie mansion. On Monday, I had an appointment with the dermatologist in Council Bluffs and that went pretty well. A little scraping, quite a little freezing, and my head was presentable for mixed company.

Then, on Tuesday, it was a visit with a new guy at the med center annex on Leavenworth, a urologist named Dr. Bishay. Much to my relief, he had lots of questions, a couple of suggestions, but didn’t produce any implements of destruction. I’ll be seeing him at a later date, however. Maybe next year.

  Wednesday was a day off from the doctors that I spent with my Teammates mentee, Martin Rodriguez, who is quickly learning how to play cribbage, my favorite card game. It’s the best half hour of my week.

On Thursday, it was Hallie’s day in the barrel, her final three hour visit at the Nebraska Dental College, in Lincoln. To celebrate Hal’s graduation from there, we located a burger joint suggested to us by second daughter Marla, Honest Abe’s. I can’t decide which was better, the huge burger or the just greasy enough fries. We ate it all and then headed home. It was after this visit that we noticed Boone’s junkyard was gone. And on that sad note, so am I. I’m outta here.