Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter

Rebuilding the “Hood 2"

        I had a wonderful article produced for this week’s edition, a legitimate Pulitzer candidate. But I lost it. Because I didn’t hit the ”Save” button on this computer key board, I lost it. Ya gotta hit the “Save” button if ya really value it.

        Last week, as I recall, I got about halfway through the ‘hood before the sandman tracked me down and convinced me it was time to fold it up and go to bed. So, after remembering several of my neighbors of the past, I’m gonna try to start up at approximately where I left off. Just north of my immediate neighbors to the north, the Kirkpatricks, were the Agnews, Bob and Linda, in the big white house on the corner. Before the Agnews, I really can’t recall, but I do remember, when I was a grade school kid, a fella by the name of Russ Case, a bigband leader on the east coast, lived there. At least that’s what I was told when I was that kid. Currently, that house is owned by Cody and Erica Stephens.

        East of that place, was a big, yellow house on the corner, inhabited by the Buck Webster family. It was replaced by the ranch styled home of the Floyd Kellys many years ago and is now occupied by the Clayton Langs and is still a good looking place.

        On the south side of us and across G Street, where the Lynns used to live, are our newest neighbors, the Wells, Karen and Mike. Karen is an accomplished, but little known artist, whose painting of the front of our house will always be a cherished possession. And  Mike, the school Superintendent? Well, yes, we’re pretty fond of him, too. Their three children are all grown now. two girls, both now living elsewhere, in parts unknown, and Randy, a recent graduate of UNO, currently living elsewhere, also.

        South of the Wellses is a vacant house, which was originally built by former grade

school teacher, Miss Hecker, replacing the A-frame house she lived in for many, many years.

South of Miss Hecker, and on the corner of Argyle and F Street, is a big, old brick house, which was built by Dr. A.E. Wanamaker around the turn of the century. It has been occupied by many people over the years, but I remember it best in the fifties and sixties, when the Howard Hamilton family lived there. Porter Hamilton was close to being my best friend in those times. We shared a lot in those days and I’ll never forget them.

        That said, there can be no better time for me to say this, I’m outta here.