Ramblin' With Fergie with John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter

A few years ago I spent much time and very little effort in a segment I referred to as “Rebuilding the Burg”. It was fun and it created quite a bit of interest among Hamburgers, past and present. What it was was my recollection of the businesses that made up the downtown of Hamburg in my era. The beauty of that is that my recollection was based on how things were in my day, while others had their own recollections from an earlier day. Or, as is happening more and more often these days, from a more recent day.

With that thought in mind, then, let me start “Rebuilding the Hood”. In other words let me tell you who lived where in my neighborhood, and I’ll begin by telling you that John and Hallie Ferguson moved in to Mose Stoner’s old house, here at 205 G St, on Bicentennial Day, July 4, 1976, and it was a hot one, nearly 100 degrees. Our neighbors to the west were C.D. Wright and his wife, Ella, of Wright’s Orchard fame. They lived in a relatively new house on the corner where Harold Martin, the local Pontiac and IH dealer lived, in a big white, two story house, with his wife and two children, Marjorie and Robert, neither of whom we ever formally met. I’m not sure when the Martins moved out, nor when their house disappeared, but the Wrights were great neighbors and so was their son, Mark, and his wife, Darlene, who is still a neighbor and one of our favorite people, as is her live-in daughter, Janet Rummel. They are both wonderful people to live beside.

Our neighbors to the south, in the house that used to belong to M.M. Payne III, was occupied, until recently, by Virgil and Virginia Lynn and their three kids, Randy, Brian and Vicky, who now in- cludes Virginia in her home with hubby Dave Bennett in Lawton, OK. The Lynns were top quality neighbors, much the same as Darlene. 

Others of our favorite neighbors, to the north, were the Thiessens, Jack and Eddie. As I recall, Jack was the first to welcome us into the ‘hood when we moved in. And Eddie, who was a fellow bird watcher, never hesitated when we had to ask for an easement in order to  have our garage built within a foot of the property line we shared. Our current neighbors to the north, the Kirkpatricks, Dale and Vicky, have made sizable improvements to their property and are good neighbors in their own right. 

I’ll do more on the ‘hood next week, but, for now, I think I’ll say it. I’m outta here.