Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

John Ferguson

Cliff in Lincoln

The big news in the Fergie household this week was made outside of the household by my big brother, Cliff. Cliffie, who recently underwent surgery to repair an aneurism, was scheduled for a checkup Monday at the Heart Institute in Lincoln and Hallie and John volunteered to drive him over and bring him and our niece, Lynn, back to town. So, at 8 in the morning on Thursday, we picked them up and headed west for a 9:30 appointment, Hallie driving. We then found a comfortable position in which to read and settled in for an expected long wait. But, lo and behold, in just over two hours, a jiffy by hospital standards, Cliff appeared and announced that his surgeon had given him a clean bill of health and he was free to roam about the country. So we all loaded up and went to lunch at the “Big Red Sports Bar”, for some delicious eats, courtesy of my big brother, then headed back to Iowa.

Hallie used the extra time to assess her tomato patch, which revealed that after six years of careful attention, it was still producing plants and enough tomatoes to supply us and our neighbors, Darlene and Janet, for the upcoming season. 

In the meantime, on Tuesday, first daughter Deena and her husband Tom came down from Council Bluffs with some delicious pizza and four hours of precious family time. It’s our intention to pay them back one day this week with a visit, so that we can get a look at Tom’s latest home improvement project, the remodeling of their sun room between their kitchen and the attached garage.

This past Sunday, after church, Hal and I contacted the Henkels, Margaret and Wilbur, 

about joining us for an afternoon ride in the area. They agreed and we picked them up and headed out to Waubonsie and the Mincer Orchard. At the orchard, we were lucky enough to get some pears and to meet up with Marty Mincer, who at least twice won the competition for the world’s best ragtime   piano player. At the pleading of First Wife Hallie, Marty then pounded out a couple of ragtime tunes  for us and the few other customers in attendance while his beautiful wife, Amy, tended to the business. It was an incredible few minutes, which included a video wherein Marty said “Hi” to one of his ex-classmates, first daughter Deena. 

Before I get outta here, does anybody else remember the porcelain drinking fountain that used to grace the sidewalk about halfway between E St and D St on the west side of Main?

Okay, now I’m outta here.