Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter


It’s not often that a man my age gets to do something he’s never done before, knowing full well that he knows he can do it. To be totally honest though, I really didn’t know full well that I actually could do it, but First Wife Hallie was a hundred percent certain that I could if she put everything out on the counter. So, while Hallie ran the vacuum cleaner throughout the house, I stayed in the kitchen and prepared meat loaf, a first for me. On the counter I found a one pound package of ground beef, a sandwich bag of some cracker crumbs, a fresh egg, an onion to slice, and a half jug of catsup to dump on the contents of the crock pot. I’ve got to admit, I made a delicious meatloaf.

So, if I, whose only claim to cooking ability to date is making toast out of white bread, can actually make a delicious meatloaf from scratch, by simply following verbal instructions, why can’t I

come up with a couple of paragraphs relating to my reasonably simple life?

It helps that in my earlier life I actually wrote a few paragraphs about that very thing in a Fremont County publication entitled “Thumbprints In Time”, a compilation of articles written by various denizens of the county, decade by decade. My decade was, of course, the very best, the fifties. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick back up with this really fun decade in next week’s Reporter, but right now, let me talk about the good time that our community and all the committees worked together for the 2021 Popcorn Day! After having to take last year off “Darn Covid-19” it was a great Parade honoring all our Veterans with a float, the communities floats, the School Bands,  the Flea Market, Kids games and the Ping Pong Drop with prizes. The Coronation of Queen Roxanna Snyder and  Popcorn Princess Rease Reafleng. All the free popcorn you could eat! Thanks to all the persons and businesses that stayed open to offer items for customers to further enjoy the day,  that made it special! And now, I’m outta here.