Letter to the Editor, Aug. 27

Hamburg Reporter

The 2021 Dayne Sturm Memorial Scholarship Fish Fry once again was a success.

We couldn’t have this event if it wasn’t for all the volunteers. A huge thank you to

J&K Ag and Lyons Enterprises for letting us use their fryers and to the guys who

organize the fish cooking Jon Tiemeyer, Brian Moran and Steve Lloyd. 

Other cookers working in the heat that I saw were Barney Lloyd, Pat Gilson, Dan Sturm, 

Tim Warren & Chad (Fu) Stephens.

We had family members, friends of the family and many of Dayne’s young

friends helping serve this year. We had many people & business’s donate items for the silent

auction, volunteers that made the food, guys that donated fish and of course all the people who

came out to the lodge for the dinner. The list of names would be so long that we would probably leave 

someone out but you know who you are and what you did and we appreciate it very much. 

There are 2 people in our lives who are very near and dear to us and spent many hours/

weeks working on the silent auction, signage and anything else that needed done. Those

people are Tom and Deena Henderson. We can’t thank you enough for everything that

you have done for the past 5 years. 

Another dear friend Sheryl Owen who helped and has always been a phone call away

whenever needed.

The support we have gotten from our small community is overwhelming and has allowed

us to continue to award scholarships to a high school senior in memory of our dear son,

Dayne Andrew Sturm.

Marc & Debbie Sturm

Dustin, Brenna & Averly Sturm