Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter

Fishing and Rhubarb

Didja ever agree to something and then wonder why? What was I thinking when I said, “Sure, I’ll be happy to write a few words about one thing or another”. Okay, so what am I gonna say?

Last week I rescued myself by referring back to yesteryear and a few of the nicknames known to Hamburgers. But man can’t live on nicknames alone. We were looking forward to our daughter and son-in-law Tom to be here this weekend. It is always nice to have our kids here! Deena and Tom were to have a visit with Marc and Debbie Sturm to discuss the upcoming “Dayne’s Fish Fry" on July 31.

 They were going to look over the lodge at Waubonsie, the place where this is to happen. They were to decide where to put items of food and the Silent Auction items. Then Deena and Debbie were to meet  at the Blue Moon with several of their classmates from the class of “80” to visit and get caught up with each other. I would have loved to be a mouse in the corner to hear these girls giggling about it. While the girls were having a great visit, Marc and Tom went to fish and add to the poundage for the fish fry. Tyler Holmes helped with the 25 pound fish he gave them and then early Saturday morning Tom and Marc were back at the river to try to get another, they returned with a 20 pounder and called it a day.

Then Sunday afternoon, following church, Hank and Helen Martin came by the house with a generous amount of one of our favorite vegetables—rhubarb (or is that a fruit)?

 With being able to go to favorite things after Covid-19, we are looking forward to seeing this week the production of “Mamma Mia” at the Southwest Theatre Group in Shenandoah. With that, I am outta here.