At the Library with Nancy Middaugh

Hamburg Reporter

Food to fiction

All the books, magazines, audiobooks, and DVDs are available to the patrons of Hamburg Public Library free of charge.  You only need to acquire a library card and that’s free as well whether you live in Hamburg, Riverton, Fremont County or beyond.

Patrons can select from nonfiction and fiction from children’s board books to adult genres.  Large print books include numerous westerns.

We’ll begin our list of new books with an opportunity to prepare some tasty meals for your family.  “Wanda Brunstetter’s Amish Friends Healthy Options Cookbook” includes over 230 recipes, tips and remedies from the Amish.  For example, from a chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie to gluten-free bread to stuffed mushrooms to zucchini crust pizza and finally black bean cake your meal is covered.  Homemade energy bars are included in the snacks section along with healthy chocolate fudge. 

Former President Bill Clinton and James Patterson have collaborated on another thriller.  If you enjoyed “The President is Missing,” you will want to add “The President’s Daughter” to your TBR list.  Matthew Keating is a past president and a former Navy SEAL.  When his teenage daughter is kidnapped, the entire world watches as he embarks on a one-man special-ops mission to save her.

Another of Diane Mott Davidson’s classic whodunits is available in paperback.  “Dying for Chocolate” finds Caterer Goldie Bear trying to sift through secrets to prove a doctor’s bizarre death was no accident.

Remember, too, the library has DVDs that can be loaned for one week.  New in the cabinet are “Hitman,” a spy movie starring Timothy Olyphant; “Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit,” an action thriller starring Chris Pine; and “News of the World,” a western drama featuring Tom Hanks

If you are tired of watching movies, maybe five seasons of the television show “Boston Legal” would interest you.  All 108 episodes of the show featuring James Spader, William Shatner and Candice Bergan are contained on 28 discs and can be checked out at the library.

Audiobooks, too, can be checked out at the library.  A recent option is “Boys in the Trees:  a memoir” read by author Carly Simon.  Known for her fame as a musical talent, Carly Simon is the third daughter of co-founder of publishing giant Simon & Schuster.  Described as “honest, profound, and poetic,” the book provides insight into how Simon’s classic songs were inspired.

Stop by the library and experience the variety of reading options.