Julian Preservation Committee plans post office registration

Julian Preservation Committee

The Julian Preservation Committee has announced that they are currently in the process of raising funds to refurbish the third building that housed the Julian post office.

During the past 150 years the post office for Julian was located in several different buildings. 

During the building’s life, it has been the post office, a livestock feed store, and later was used for storage. 

The building in its original design had a square front which was removed after it was no longer the post office. 

The Preservation Committee is proposing to reestablish the original look and to relocate the building to an area north of the refurbished Julian Filling Station. 

According to the Julian Preservation Committee, the additional space will be dedicated to presenting information about U.S. Mail Service to small communities as well as information about the importance of the railroad to the Julian community. 

Contributions to support this project can be made to the Julian Preservation Committee and sent to Joe Epler, 63658 737 Road, Brock, NE  68320