Finnell Family at Popcorn Day

Hamburg Reporter

On Sept. 11, the Finnell Family is gathering in Hamburg to celebrate the lives of Rose Finnell Howell, Tom Finnell, and Betty Finnell Sjulin.  To honor their lives Rose’s daughter Jackie Rollins will be driving her horse in the Popcorn Day Parade. The horse, Sir Thomas was born the same day that Tom Finnell passed away therefore he was named after him.  Look for this  Beautiful Black Gypsy Vanner near the end of the parade.

Thomas and Jessie Finnell moved to Hamburg and resided on Argyle beginning in 1925 until the deaths in 1957 and 1991.  They raised seven children Lois, Margaret, Jane, Betty Dorothy, Rose and Tom.   Tom passed away in February 2013, Rose August 2018 and Betty May of 2021.

Look for the royal blue tshirts this weekend as the Finnell Cousins gather to  celebrate  the lives of their family members.