Lewis and Clark Trail in final phase at Hamburg

Veronica Barreto-Rosa
Hamburg Reporter

The 212 mile Lewis and Clark Trail is in its final phase of development in western Iowa,  and Hamburg Hometown Pride has committed to developing the project in town.  

The route meanders through five counties from Sioux City to Hamburg. It is mostly an on-road trail with a separated trail through Sioux City and Council Bluffs.

Elaine Howard with Hometown Pride said her organization received a grant in January 2019 from Southwest Iowa Community Foundation but, due to the 2019 flood and 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it went on a pause.

It was until the fall 0f 2020 that plans started again. 

Howard said that the whole idea started thanks to the Iowa Department of Transportation and community members. Bryan Leaders with the National Park Service and Mark Shoemaker with Pottawattamie Conservation developed the project, starting in Sioux City and ending in Hamburg. 

Howard said that being part of this project as a town is important because you want to have some recognition that you are part of the state.

She also said it is a way to attract people to visit industries and places in town.

“It should draw people into the town so that they could see what Hamburg is about,” said Howard. 

The trail will end at Clayton Field. A 14x14 foot cement slab will be placed at the field with two 8-foot picnic tables, a bike rack, and a trash receptacle. 

The signage for the Lewis and Clark Bike Trail is located by the Hamburg swimming pool and by the baseball field. 

Beautification is part of Hometown Pride's work. Hank and Helen Martin, along with other volunteers, had been taking care of decorating the trail and parts in town. People donated bikes to use them as directional and to welcome bikers. 

Hometown Pride hopes this is all completed before Popcorn Day.

Pictured is a bike trail decoration at Clayton Field in Hamburg.