Volunteers planting community garden

Veronica Barreto-Rosa
Hamburg Reporter

The sense of community help continues to be present in Hamburg and recently Giving Wednesday has opened up space for a community garden.

Lana Brandt, one of the organizers of Giving Wednesday, said the garden has come together thanks to volunteers.

The plants and vegetables that will grow as a result of volunteers hard work will be given back to the community.

Giving Wednesday is an outreach program that started last Spring by Hamburg First United Methodist Church and United Trinity Church. The project consists of collecting donated food, taking it to the Food Pantry, or to families in need.

The garden is an addition to this initiative and also to other aid centers in the community since products collected from the garden are offered both at Giving Wednesdays and in the Inter Church Council Food Pantry.

Brandt said Ronnie Robinson and his wife Debbie are the ones in charge of taking care of the Community Garden with the help of Curt and Judy Crain.

Brandt also mentioned that Jeff Haning, a local farmer, tilled the garden spot to get it ready for planting.

The garden is located in the  block west of Hamburg United Trinity Church.

Brandt said The United Trinity and United Methodist churches wish to extend their thanks for the many community donations that receive that make their mission of helping others possible.

Giving Wednesdays happens every Wednesday at the United Methodist church in Hamburg, Iowa from 8 am to 4 pm. Donations can also be made made during that time. Donations for seed plants can also be given to Lana Brandt, Ronni and Debbie Robinson and Curt and Judy Crain.

Anyone interested in volunteering in the garden can also contact Ronnie Robinson at 402- 917-1399.