Highway 2 construction moving to its next project

Veronica Barreto-Rosa
Hamburg Reporter

The Iowa Department of Transportation announced that construction on Highway 2  east of  the Missouri River is moving forward to its next step.

“Right now, we are wrapping up construction of the new set of bridges. They are both opened to traffic”, said Austin Yates of the DOT.

The bridges Yates is referencing are over-flow bridges which are meant to address the “pinch point” issue with the levy at the Nebraska City bridge over the Missouri River. With the levee correction, the area is less vulnerable to flooding.

The next phase of the project includes a rebuilding and an elevation of the segment between the new bridges and Horse Creek bridge. The project will start with the east lanes and then will move onto the west lanes.

With this construction, Yates said the DOT will be less concerned about floods.

“We know how important of a connection Highway 2 is and it is one of our top priorities. We are committing as many resources as we are able to get everything back to normal,”  said Yates.

Work on Highway 2 started in the summer of 2019 following the floods from March of the same year.

The new segment construction is planned to be done by the fall of 2021. After that, a new construction phase will start between Horse Creek and I-29.

Yates mentioned there will be a dike construction to provide flood protection for the businesses around the I-29 interchange.

A drainage district in that area is being created with different partners, including the DOT and business owners. The district is going to be responsible for the construction of the new dike.

 Yates said we are probably, at least, a year and a half away from the new dike being constructed.