Gregory Welding expanding on its 38-year success story

Kirt Manion
Hamburg Reporter

A southwest Iowa family business with a 38-year track record of success, is writing its next chapter with expansion in mind.

Gregory Welding, which opened its doors in Sidney in 1983, is opening a location at 812 Sth 9th Street in Nebraska City  while continuing to maintain its 2805 200th Street location in Sidney.

Greg Gregory, owner of the business, said it opened with the identity as a local welding shop . While keeping the name of Gregory Welding, the business shifted from welding to other metal related business opportunities to include custom metal fabrication for industries.

Greg describes the production as including products that can’t be bought off the shelf. A company with a specific product need gives specifications to Gregory Welding and they produce the product.

That’s not the end of what the business can produce. Greg said that an individual with a metal-related business idea might be struggling with development and manufacture for their project. Gregory Welding can step in with the expertise to help develop the idea and get the manufacturing process going as well.

These services place Gregory Welding in a level of specialization not usually found in small towns. Instead of having hundreds of clients, Gregory Welding might just have a dozen customers for contracted work.

To find a business like Gregory Welding, one might have to travel to a metro area like Omaha or Kansas City.

Greg said he is excited for the chance to expand this business and bring it to Nebraska City, but noted that the completion of the move won’t be the completion of the company’s growth. It will be just the start.

“We are in a perpetual growth mode,” Greg said. “We are excited about it and we are very optimistic about it.”

Joining Greg in the business are his sons Jason and Jared.

Jason joins the business after a nine year career in the United States Navy as an aircraft mechanic. Greg said that Jason completed four-to-five war time deployments where he served as a squadron leader aboard aircraft carriers.

While serving the country, Jason obtained skills and expertise that would have given him many excellent opportunities in the private sector. Many of those might be considered a more “safe bet” than joining in on a family business, but Greg said Jason was determined to do just that and was excited about the many opportunities ahead for Gregory Welding.

Jason’s Navy obtained skills will be a great benefit to the family business. Skills include computer and technical training as well as organizational skills that are common in the military but not as common in the civilian population.

Greg said Jason was excited to get into the business now as it grows and expands. Being a fair minded person, Jason wanted to get in now and put in the “sweat equity” that comes with building something, Greg said, rather than coming in later after the business had been built.

Turning to Jared’s involvement in the business, Greg said he was one of the biggest reasons that Gregory Welding is in position to expand.

After working for Kiewit Construction, Engineering and Mining Services as a team leader for metal fabrication and also as a safety director, Jared came back home with the goal of extending the success of Gregory Welding.

“He worked nights and weekends to make sure the family business went on for another generation,” Greg said.

The work ethic shown by the Gregory boys is just another reason for the family to be excited about this venture.

Greg said his boys understand what it takes for a venture to be successful—work, and lots of it.

Success, Greg said, is based off what someone puts into it. He said Jared and Jason understand that and have no problem with doing that work.

When the work is done. The success is almost guaranteed to follow.

Greg has already seen plenty of evidence during his 38 years.

 At one time, Gregory Welding produced tree shears and became the largest producer of the product in the country, right there is little Sidney, Iowa.

“This is America. What you want to do, you can do it in this country,” Greg said.

Although the economy isn’t in the greatest position right at this moment, due to COVID-19, Greg said the economic conditions which preceded the pandemic were favorable and said he feels the economy will recover from COVID-19.

“We will get back to that,” he said.

In looking at the Nebraska City expansion opportunity, Greg said that much of the credit for this chance should go to Dan Mauk, the Executive Director at Nebraska City Area Economic Development Corporation.

Greg said Mauk worked closely with him in laying out what might be possible in Nebraska City. Greg praised Mauk as a super organizer who gets things done.

“He’s relentless. He’s ambitious. He’s truthful and honest,” said Greg of

Mauk. “When I saw the enthusiasm from Dan, it swayed me to Nebraska City instead of Shenandoah. Dan is the reason we are here.”