CHI Health now offers MDsave payment program

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Syracuse Journal-Democrat

In the midst of COVID-19, the Nebraska Department of Labor reports the state’s unemployment rate at 8.3 percent.
For many members of our community, that means losing health insurance, reliable income and the means to pay for everyday expenses.
As doctors and hospitals open for elective procedures, MDsave is making sure that these workers and their families aren’t left without medical care.
“Giving Nebraskans and Iowans access to health care is at the very core of CHI Health’s values,” said Cary Ward, MD, Chief Medical Officer of CHI Health.
“We know many people in the communities we serve have been impacted by COVID-19. That’s why we continue to partner with MDsave to provide affordable access to health care. This could mean a lower price for a visit with a physician, getting your routine mammogram or even undergoing a surgical procedure,” he said.
To expand options for accessible care, MDsave has partnered with hospitals across the country to enable transparent, affordable healthcare.
Patients paying out of pocket, like those who’ve lost their insurance due to COVID-19, need one upfront price they can understand and budget for, without the fear of getting a surprise bill a month later.
With MDsave, CHI Health can offer special reduced prices because we reduce the amount of administration needed for coding and billing.
“By helping our hospital partners get paid without the traditional hassle of insurance claims or collections, we’re able to pre-negotiate savings that we pass on to patients,” explains Paul Ketchel, MDsave CEO and co-founder.
Now that non-essential procedures can resume, it’s important to recognize the toll this has taken on the physical and financial health of both patients and hospitals. MDsave is working with our hospital partners to enable a return to normalcy and bring accessible care back to the community.
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