Darolyn Seay receives PSC Teaching Excellence Award

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Syracuse Journal-Democrat
Peru State College associate professor of education Dr. Darolyn Seay has been named the College's 2020 Teaching Excellence Award winner.

Peru State College associate professor of education Dr. Darolyn Seay has been named the College’s 2020 Teaching Excellence Award winner.
Seay shared her motivation for teaching, saying, “If I can help contribute even in the smallest amount by encouraging happiness and quality of life, then maybe this will create some type of domino effect with the bigger picture impacting even more people further down the road.”
“Success happens when somebody believes you can accomplish great things. I want to be that person that believes in my students and helps them reach that full-blown potential,” she said.
Seay believes in supporting students both inside and outside of the classroom. She states, “In order to successfully serve my students in an advisory role, I must be available to offer support in and out of the classroom. My background in guidance and counseling has shaped who I am as an educator, advisor, and mentor who is continuously working with students to help problem solve, strengthen confidence and promote self-efficacy.”
“I want my students to know that they are valuable, and have much to offer,” she said. “Most importantly, I want them to know that nothing should be out of reach if they work hard enough.”
Seay advised 2020 graduates, “Surround yourself with people that believe in you and that provide constant support. Continue to accept opportunities that come your way and never second-guess your potential and self-worth.”
Seay concluded, “Allow yourself time to become familiar with your new career; this familiarity and confidence will not happen overnight. Be patient, success will be the result of your persistence and hard work.”
Seay joined the Peru State College faculty in 2008.
She teaches courses in educational psychology, teacher education principles and practices, and teaching science in the elementary and middle schools.
Seay serves as the higher education representative for the state of Nebraska Professional Practices Board, a position appointed by the governor.
The board reviews and acts on decisions regarding revocation or suspension of teacher licenses in the state.
Other activities include advising undergraduate students, serving as vice president for the Project Response Organization, advising the Peru State Education Association and facilitating Dr. Seuss Day.
Seay received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and master’s degree in education – guidance and counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma, and her doctorate in curriculum and teaching from Northcentral University.