Arbor Day Farm alters Arbor Day 2020 celebration due to COVID-19

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

In place of its on-property Arbor Day festivities, Arbor Day Farm will instead offer a series of video farm tours via its Facebook and Instagram pages (@arbordayfarm) to celebrate Arbor Day 2020.
The national holiday will be celebrated in Nebraska on Friday, April 24.     
Arbor Day Farm had planned to host special activities at Arbor Lodge Mansion and the Tree Adventure April 24–26 in honor of Arbor Day, but plans have changed due to COVID-19.
These attractions are temporarily closed.
As a result, the celebration has been moved to the Farm’s Facebook and Instagram pages where followers can expect to see a variety of video tours around Arbor Day Farm.
Highlights will include segments at Arbor Lodge Mansion (the original home of Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton), a tree planting demonstration, a peek at the Farm’s new Conservation Trail, and a walk through Treetop Village.
Austin Mackrill, vice president of Arbor Day Farm, said “This special day and this special place have a story that won’t be silenced by temporary closures.”
“We believe taking the celebration to social media via these videos can allow our followers to celebrate, learn about, and experience Arbor Day and the Farm in a new and exciting way,” said Mackrill.
The videos will begin airing on the Farm’s Facebook and Instagram pages beginning on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22.
Arbor Day Farm also encourages followers to share memories of their Arbor Day experiences on these pages.
“Over the years, thousands of area school children have participated in the children’s program at Arbor Lodge,” said Mackrill.
“We would enjoy hearing about those experiences and any others from past Arbor Day celebrations on the Farm,” he said.
Arbor Day Farm is located in Nebraska City, and is a program of the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees.
Originally owned by Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton, Arbor Day Farm today is home to a hotel and conference center, Morton’s original estate and orchards, miles of walking trails, and interactive attractions designed to celebrate nature and history.
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