Bobcat senior cheerleaders receive recognition

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The Peru State athletic department recognized its five Bobcat senior cheerleaders. The recognition occurred between the recent women's and men's games against Graceland (Iowa).

Cheer coach Brooke Earnest met each of the seniors at center court. The cheerleaders were escorted by family and/or friends. The following is what was stated about each which included some biographical information of each.

Sydney Bogard – three-year member

McLouth, Kansas, was named for Amos McLouth, the original owner of the town and is the home of Sydney Bogard. She came to Peru State College from McLouth High School. Sydney is the daughter of Steve and Jennifer Bogard. Her major is biochemical science. After graduating from college, she plans to attend dental school to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and eventually own her own practice. One of her favorite Bobcat memories is cheering on the Bobcat basketball team at the national tournament for two years in a row.

Ashley Gebhard – one-year member

Grand Island, Neb., has been given the All-America City Award three times (1955, 1967, and 1981-1982) by the National Civic League. It is also the hometown for Ashley Gebhard. She came to Peru State after spending a year and a half a Chadron State. Ashley was a Grand Island Senior High graduate. She is the daughter of Tanya Gebhard. Her major is criminal justice. After, graduation she plans to move to Arizona and find a job within the criminal justice field. One of her many favorite Bobcat memories was being able to make history while being on the first competitive cheer squad.

Velma Hauck – two-year member

Fremont, Neb., which saw a great deal of traffic due to the Mormon Trail, is also called home for Velma Hauck. She decided to come to Peru State from Fremont Senior High School. She is the daughter of Kevin and Debra Hauck. Hauck's major are business management, marketing, computer management information systems and she is seeking a minor in organizational leadership and management. After graduating from college she plans to continue working at Sandhill Global as a marketing trainee. One of her favorite Bobcat memories is building friendships that will last a lifetime, and watching my teammates make history.

Kortney Beth Reitz – four-year member

Ogallala, Neb., first gained fame as a terminus for cattle drives that traveled from Texas to the Union Pacific railhead was located there. It is home for Kortney Beth Reitz. She decided to join the Bobcat nation from Ogallala High School. Kortney is the daughter of Greg and Shawna Reitz and her major is business marketing. Her plans after graduation is to find a job coaching and spend time with family. One of her favorite Bobcat memories is showing up to the first day of practice sophomore year with Brittany Ritter, Hannah Glaser, and Kaelia Nelson wearing colorful unitards that are matched for practice to make a grand entrance on great year ahead as a joke to Coach Brooke. Brooke loved the joke so much she made us wear them the whole practice.

Sydney Yost – two-year member

Papillion, Neb., is named after the creek of the same name which flows through its center and is the home of Sydney Yost. The daughter of Melissa Yost is a Papillion La Vista High School graduate and is an early childhood inclusive education major. Upon graduation, Sydney plans to secure a first grade teaching position in the Omaha/Papillion area and later obtain her master's degree. Her favorite Bobcat moment is when the cheer team "finally" was declared as a competitive sport and then getting second place in the second competition in which they competed.