All conference selections are out for baseball and softball in the Corner Conference with a number of Sidney High School players being honored.

Sergio Rodriguez, a junior pitcher, and Cameron Whitehead, a junior infielder, were named elite first team selections for Sidney in baseball. Josh Bockert, a senior outfielder, also made the first team list for the Cowboys. Players from other schools on the first team were Matt Glockel*, senior catcher, East Mills; Drake Johnson*, sophomore infielder, Stanton; Dylan Schroeder, junior infielder, East Mills; Dylan Chambers, sophomore infielder, Fremont-Mills; Brandon Peterson*, senior outfielder, Stanton; Andrew Hontz, junior outfiedler, Fremont Mills; and Donnie Weis*, sophomore utility player, Stanton.
Second team members were Jacob Jenerson, sophomore pitcher, Fremont-Mills; Mister McNaughton, sophomore catcher, Sidney; Nate Laughlin, junior infielder, Fremont-Mills; Bradley Clark, senior infielder, Sidney; Dillion Rocha, junior infielder, Stanton; Nic Duysen, freshman infielder, East Mills; Shane Franks, junior infielder, Essex; Noah Hilyer, senior outfielder, East Mills; Colton Thornburg, freshman outfielder, Essex; Cody Dupre, junior outfielder, Sidney; Tyler Peterson, freshman utility player, Stanton; Weston Copperstone, senior utility player, East Mills; and Bryce Moran, senior utility player, Sidney.
Honorable mention members were Connor Hultman, senior infielder, Stanton; Oscar Luperico, sophomore outfielder, Fremont-Mills; and Kameron Wederguist, senior utility player, East Mills.

Camryn McClintock, a sophomore pitcher; Maryn Phillips, a senior infielder; and Oliva Larsen, freshman utility player, were named elite first team selections for Sidney. Other first team members are Chelsea Weis*, senior catcher, Stanton; Clara Schaaf*, junior infielder, Fremont-Mills; Zena Courtier, senior infielder, East Mills; Dalton Martin, junior infielder, Essex; Ally Focht*, senior outfielder, Stanton; Jescenia Mosely, senior outfielder, Essex; Kelsi Leininger, junior outfielder, Essex; and Emmy Duysen, senior utility player, East Mills.
Second team members were Kassidy Croghan, sophomore pitcher, East Mills; Jenna Nelson, senior catcher, Fremont-Mills; Kynzie Fichter, senior infielder, Fremont-Mills; Devin Issacson, freshman infielder, Stanton; Zoe Moores, junior infielder, Sidney; Rachel Schafer, junior infielder, East Mills; Kennedee Whipple, freshman outfielder, Sidney; Emily Welch, junior outfielder, Sidney; Kami Tibben, freshman outfielder, Stanton; Liz Lang, junior utility player, Sidney; and Devan Gray, senior utility player, Essex.
Honorable mention members were Gracee Meyer, junior infielder, East Mills; Zoe England, senior outfielder, Sidney; and Tara Peterson, eighth grade utility player, Stanton.