Deb was born to Francis and Arline King in Sheldon, Iowa.
She was the sixth of seven children.
Deb loved music, reading, flowers, birds, singing, whistling and chairs.  She was a devoted wife and mother
Deb met Dennis when they were 13 and 15 years old. 
They loved to roller-skate, bowl, watch drive in movies, and in the summer, Deb worked with Dennis on his family farm. 
More than anything they desired to start their own family and they married three years later. 
They raised kids and hogs for five years before starting their own business.
Deb was a partner to Dennis working alongside him in hog barns, while raising five kids.
Deb gave her life to Christ as a young girl and she raised her family in the church. 
They lived in Schuyler for over thirty years.  They moved to Nebraska City six years ago to be near their daughter. 
 Deb was a UMW president, a Methodist Lay Leader, and a Rebekah.  She was a scout leader to all her kids. 
She worked many different jobs, cook, caregiver, homemaker, navigator, gardener, baker, but the one she loved the most was being a mom.  She put all of herself into her kids and she got back what she put in, devoted, loving children.
Deb loved to make her house a home.  She loved her dogs and animals on the farm.  She loved traveling and going to family events.  She never missed a sporting event or band concert. 
She loved and accepted all people into her home and family.
She was a loving, giving, strict, honest, faithful, strong, brave, hardworking, independent, no complaining, Christian woman who raised her children to be the same. 
The way she lived her life is reflected in her family.  She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend.
 In February of 2017, Deb was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer with metastasis to both lungs.  Being told she had one to three months to live without treatment and maybe a few months more with, she decided to live as long as she could, as well as she could.  She started an organic diet, with juicing, and supplements, IV vitamin C and ozone therapy. These things helped her to have victory over her cancer for 13 months. She saw a grandson graduate, she moved into a new home, she celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary, and her 67th birthday all surrounded by loved ones.
She has had a huge impact on many people.  She lived this time with such grace through her pain.  She surpassed all expectations many times.  Her will to live was strong. 
Selfishly, we wish we had more time with Deb.  However, we know it is God’s time and not our own.
But as Deb would say the best is yet to come.
Deb would want others to know that knowing, believing, and receiving Jesus Christ as our savior and asking for his forgiveness is the way to peace. This did not make her life easy, but it was blessed beyond belief.
 Deb’s celebration of life was Saturday March 31 at the Fox Center. 
Deb asked that you plant a tree in remembrance of her instead of sending flowers.
The family is comforted by Deb’s strong relationship with God.  The family would like to thank everyone for the love, support and prayers. 
She was preceded in death by her mother and  father, a brother, Gary, and three grandchildren. 
She is survived by husband Dennis Shatto; children: Timothy (Kim) Shatto, Terrence Shatto, Anthony (Lori) Shatto, Tracy (Vinny) Higley and Tamera (Brian) Stevens; grandchildren: Brittni, Daniel, Brandi, Teigan, Blake, Skyler, Karly, Amanda, Candace, Cameron, Cole, Tristyn, Destiny, Brandon, Trey, Tanner, Bren, Tori, Karter; great grandchildren: Alexis, Alayanna, Jax, Channing, Charolette, Alyvea, Gracelyn, Quinton, and Weston; sisters: Colleen Holtrop, Elaine (Murph) VerMeer, Sandra (Bill) Hegna, Karen (Peter) VandenBurg, Sheila (Charlie) Lienau; step mother, Nyla King.