Jurors hear from the men who were in the car with DeMarcus Chew when he was shot to death.

Jurors on Thursday heard testimony in the murder case against Ceasar Davison at the Des Moines County courthouse in Burlington.

Davison has been accused by prosecutors of being the man who shot DeMarcus "Peanut" Chew seven times, killing him.

"I heard gunshots and the window was shattering," explained Matthew Banks, who was beside Chew when Chew was shot.

Davison, who is charged with first-degree murder and  is one of five men accused of killing Chew in the early morning hours of September 10, 2017 in Burlington.

Prosecutors allege the five men spotted Chew while Chew was hanging out with friends at Expose Night Club in Gulfport, Illinois. Prosecutors allege the five men followed him from Gulfport to his mothers home on North 5th street.

Banks said he got out of the car to flee from the bullets, but was so intoxicated he fell when exiting the car. Banks received an injury to his foot from the bullets, however did not immediately seek treatment because there was a warrant out for his arrest. When Banks did receive medical treatment, which was for a graze wound, he was arrested.

It is alleged the five men killed Chew to collect money from hit placed on Chew by A.J. Smith. Several weeks ago, during the trial of one of Davison's alleged co-conspirators, Emmanuel Spann, a different alleged co-conspirator alleged he received $1,000 and a pound of meth in exchange for the murder.

Multiple witnesses testified they knew a feud had take place between Smith and the Chew Family.

"He threatened my mom," explained Deandre Severado, Chew's younger brother told jurors.

Witnesses also testified they did not know who the men were prior to the shooting and would not have recognized them at the club.

Earlier in the day, jurors heard from Shaw Myers, the man who drove Chew home from the night club.

Myers was out for a birthday celebration at Expose with his brother in law. Myers testified Chew asked for a ride home and Myers said yes. Afterall, he had given Chew a ride home before. Myers took the same path he always had.

However, the normalcy of the night changed when Myers approached the parking lot of Chew's mother's apartment.  Meyers said the car had not even come to a stop before he heard gunshots ring out. According to Myers, he believed the shots were being fired further down the alley and not at his car.

In fact, Myers testified it was not until Banks told him Chew was injured that Myers knew he and his passengers were truly in danger. Myers was able to get the car out of the alley and onto the street, which he thought would be safe from the gunfire.

After the shooting, Myers said he saw Chew laying in the passenger's seat. Eventually, Myers would make his way into Chew's mother's apartment to comfort her and the rest of Chew's family.

He later gave his information to law enforcement before calling his wife who picked him up in Burlington and took him to their home in Fort Madison. He could not drive his car because it was considered evidence. Myers would be interviewed by police later that day.

Earlier this week one of Davison's alleged co conspirators, Emmanuel Spann, was convicted of first-degree murder. His other three alleged co-conspirators — Andre Harris, Derrick Parker and Antoine Spann— all pleaded guilty to crimes related to the slaying of Chew.

Davison is the last of the five men to have his case adjudicated.

It took attorneys about two days to select a jury of twelve people and three alternates.

Davison's trial continues today at 9 a.m.