Members of the Hamburg Board of Education discussed the result of a patron survey during their regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 9, at Marnie Simons.
Superintendent Dr. Mike Wells said the survey found that over 95 percent of patrons wanted to bring back high school programming and said they would send their kids to a high school at Hamburg.
In addition to those questions, survey takers said overwhelmingly that Hamburg should seek tuition agreements with other schools besides for Sidney and that the Sidney school should share cost for transportation as part of a tuition agreement.
In other high school related news, Dr. Wells said that the school should soon have a copy of a report which followed a visit by members of the Iowa State Board of Education tour of the maker space area at Hamburg.
Dr. Wells said the tour went well and that the state visitors seemed to be pleased with the  offerings of the maker space.
The state is going to make another visit to the Hamburg school in January prior to a board meeting in Des Moines, where the state board will be asked to consider the return of  high school programming. The issued was broached by the state board in March, just as the flood conditions began to develop in Hamburg. The board declined Hamburg’s request for a high school at that time, but left open the possibility of re-visiting the topic.
In other news:
Board members voted to delay a superintendent review until March of 2020 as opposed to January of 2019. The board, aside from one member, was re-made by the elections of last month.
Dr. Wells said he had no preference as to when the board would conduct the evaluation, but suggested that it might be easier to do such a review after he had a chance to work with the members more extensively.
The board members voted to have a dinner meeting prior to the next regular board meeting on Jan 13. This will be a joint meeting with Essex, a school with which Hamburg is sharing resources with this year.
Dr. Wells said the Essex school would be great partner in an effort to establish a high school in Hamburg and maintain one in Essex.
The school board agreed to take up a January discussion about the possibility of members attending a national educational convention in Chicago. The convention will be in early April.
A new and free wrestling program for kids in K-8 was discussed at the Monday meeting. The wrestling team will be led by Benny Jurrey and will include both Hamburg and Sidney athletes. Dr. Wells said the number of participants in the program will likely increase when the basketball season ends.
Speaking of basketball, the Hamburg school has two teams this year, girls’ and boys’ squads, each with 10 members. Dr. Wells said the teams have been competing hard so far and have been in games against Nebraska City, East Atchison and West Nodaway.
Turning to the farm school, students welcomed two baby lambs, which have generated much excitement.
The energy is high in the maker space as well with two new programs going into force. The taxidermy program and the ham radio program will be new additions. Dr. Wells said the goal of maker space is to include as many interests as possible. “We are trying to mix it up and add programs where kids have an interest,” Dr. Wells said.