It’s going to take a complete rebuild to restore the operations for the Bartlett Grain company in Hamburg, but, for right now, there’s just one focus—the harvest season.
Mark Swerczek, origination manager for the Hamburg business, said, for now, Bartlett has put all of its efforts into the corn side of the business. They usually take in corn, white corn and beans.
“Our main goal is to just through harvest,” he said.
The rebuild will happen down the road, but Swerczek reports that the recovery effort has been a steady one for the employees at Bartlett, all of whom stayed on through the difficult summer months of flooding.

About Bartlett
Bartlett, a Savage Company is a diverse, growth-oriented agribusiness. The principal businesses are grain merchandising, flour milling, and feed manufacturing. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Bartlett has facilities and offices in nine states and Mexico. Bartlett is more than 100 years old and still family owned and managed.
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