Peru State hosted the 2019 Nebraska State College System Leadership Conference. Students representing the Student Senate organizaions of Peru State, Wayne State and Chadron State all attended the event.

The theme for the conference this year was “Leading Through Adversity” with a goal to provide a great opportunity for all students to collaborate and grow as student leaders.  All leaders are faced with good times and bad times. It is easy to lead in the good times, but it is in the bad times that a leader shows who they are and how they handle adversity.

Thomas Veleba (Pawnee City, NE), Vice President of Peru State’s Student Senate, said, “We were fortunate to have such a great line-up of speakers for students, faculty, and community members to collaborate with throughout the day. It was a great day for everybody to learn and experience some of the many values it takes to be a leader in all areas of life.”

A wide-variety of speakers presented at the conference:

Shawna Bindle, Mayor of Falls City, “Leadership and Influence.” Dr. Greg Galardi, Professor of Business, Peru State College, “Lumps and Bumps on the Road to Leadership.” Crystal Hutson, Director of Student Activities and Programs, Peru State College, “How to Fuel Motivation.” Kayla Meyers (Sidney, IA) and Kristin Sanford (Lincoln, NE), Student Leaders, Peru State College, “Leadership Styles.” Dr. Kristi Nies, Professor of English, Peru State College, “Well, That Was a Train Wreck.” Dr. Kyle Ryan, Professor of Kinesiology, Peru State College, “Developing Resilience through Self-Assessment.” Julie Slama, Senator, Nebraska’s First District, “Stepping up to the Plate.” Aaron Thomas, Motivational Speaker and Author, Keynote Speaker: “Opportunities and Platform: Overcoming Adversity.” Dr. Paul Turman, Chancellor, Nebraska State College System, Introduction Ivan Wineglass, National Alumni Association Board of Directors, Peru State College, “Being Intentional for Life.”

The event was open to all students, faculty and community members who wished to attend.