Join Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Marion’s Maid, the Sheriff of Nottingham and a host of others in a musical wonderland this Saturday, August 3 when the Missoula Children’s Theater and more than 50 local students present an original musical adaptation of ROBIN HOOD.

Playing the title character, Robin Hood, is local student Katie Frey. Other featured performers include Theresa Gygi as Maid Marion, Renee Stehlik as Marion’s Maid, Jayden Adams as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Carter Guatney  as Prince John.

The Merry Band is made up of Irick Brandon, Haleigh Werner, Mikaela Hawley, Isabelle Johnson, Natalie Nelson, Isaac Stidd, Jailei Walker, Atticus Drinnin, Maddie Stanek, Brylar Werner, and Maya Narendran. 

Madalynn Hawley, Camryn Alonso, Emry Brandon, Carter Gibson, Damien Beccard, Brooke Bando, Cyrus Monson and Gavyn Kraeger will play the Guards.

Appearing as the Aristocrats are Sarah Ganzel, Aubrey Taylor and Elizabeth McNeely.

Jazi Frey, Maisyn Hodges, Amber Schropfer and Chella Werner will play the Horsemen and Avery Kraeger, Cosette Wagner, Quinlan Weninger, James Stehlik, Janessa Stehlik, Leah Narendran, Lexi Graham and Micah Ganzel make up the Foresters.

Clifford Wagner, Ellie Henning, Rose Shawhan, Brendan Beccard, Nathan Hodges, Hadley Bakan, Evalyn Kraeger, Leira Womochil will perform the roles of the Skunks. 

Nick Hower and Grace Baxa have served as Assistant Directors throughout the week.

ROBIN HOOD will be presented Saturday, Aug. 3 at 3  and 6:30 p.m. at Northside Elementary School, 1200 14th Ave., Nebraska City. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.   Tickets are available at the door.

The Missoula Children's Theatre residency in Nebraska City is brought to you by the Nebraska City Fine Arts Committee with support from the Nelson Family Foundation and Nebraska City Public Schools.