AAA Travel Briefs

Road Trip?  Know Before You Go or it May Cost You   Traffic regulations vary across the country and so do fines, says AAA.  It’s important to know the rules of the road before heading out on a multi-state drive adventure.  As an example, effective Aug. 1, 2019, Minnesota prohibits the use of handheld wireless communication devices while driving.  Currently, 19 states ban handheld cellphone use while driving.  Forty-five states adopted primary enforcement texting while driving bans for all drivers.  Nebraska is one of only three states (NE, SD, OH) to adopt a secondary enforcement law.  Move Over laws have been adopted in all 50 states, and some have heavy fines ($500) for violation of the law. Laws require that when approaching a first-responder providing assistance near a multi-lane roadway, merge over one lane to give them the space they need to safely perform their duties.  If space is not available, reduce your speed and approach with care.  Motorists are encouraged to learn more about these and other traffic safety laws by visiting the AAA Digest of Motor Laws website at Information is available on traffic laws across the U.S. and Canada.       BBB Warns Against Travel Scam When Buying Tickets Online   The Better Business Bureau warns if you book airfare through a third-party website, be sure to use caution.  BBB Scam Tracker is receiving reports of scammers pretending to be online airline ticket brokers.  They cancel your airline ticket reservations, but not before charging you.   If you come across a company you haven’t dealt with before, research it before making any purchases.  Look on for reviews and feedback from previous customers.  Many scammers pressure you to make a payment or give up your personal details, claiming you’ll lose out on a great deal or have to pay extra fees.  If something doesn’t feel right, hang up and contact your credit card company.  Let them know about the situation and ask them to put a hold on your payment.  If a company asks you to pay with a pre-paid debit card or to wire funds, don’t do it.  These are not standard payment methods and if you go through with them, there will be no way to recover your funds.   Credit card charges, on the other hand, can be contested.  For more ways to protect yourself from travel scams, visit  General consumer tips can be found at Scams.       Large Refinery on the East Coast Closes Following Explosion and Two Fires   Philadelphia Energy Solution’s South Philadelphia refinery will permanently shut down this month following an explosion and two fires that occurred within the last few weeks.  This is the oldest and largest refinery on the East Coast, processing 335,000 barrels of crude per day. Gasoline stocks from Canada, neighboring refiners, and the Colonial Pipeline were identified as short-term solutions to help meet regional needs.  Long-term solutions are unclear.  AAA will continue to monitor the situation and its impact on motorists.  For news and information on fuel prices