Twenty-eight Peru State College students competed in the 2018-2019 Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) State Leadership Conference. Peru State’s PBL chapter earned 71 top-eight awards including 20 first place finishes this year and four chapter awards.

Dr. Sheri Grotrian, professor of business and Peru State’s PBL advisor, writes, “Peru State Phi Beta Lambda performed extremely well at the State Leadership Conference this year. With PSC students earning first place in essentially a third of the events demonstrates their ability to perform well in a variety of content areas.”

“It’s been another fantastic year of getting new students involved and mentored by students who have participated for multiple years. Our PBL group continues to become very tight-knit, collaborative and supportive.”

Grotrian concludes, “I’m excited to see how our students perform in San Antonio this summer. There is definitely potential for some national awards.”

The top two places in production or performance events or top three places in objective tests in each event are automatically eligible to compete at the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas, this June. At this time, 24 Peru State students have automatically qualified for the national competition.

Students can compete in only two events at nationals, and since Peru State has several students who will have options, other students may move up in the standings as participants decide which events they will enter.

Chapter Awards

The Peru State College PBL chapter was again recognized with a Gold Level Excellence Award. Gold Level Excellence is the highest level possible and shows that the chapter contributed to regional and national conferences, PBL public relations, community service, and fundraising. Peru State was similarly recognized in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Peru State College was also recognized for having the largest membership of the four-year colleges. Peru State has 28 chapter members. Peru State also won this award in 2018.

Finally, Peru State College was recognized with the Overall Excellence Award for 4-Year Colleges. The Overall Excellence Award is given to the top chapter in the state on the basis of all its activities, including participation in the most state-sponsored activities.

Individual Events—–(students listed in alphabetical order; an * indicates automatic qualifier in this event)

Ashli Becker (Yankton, SD)
3rd place – Management Concepts*
5th place – Retail Management

Dawn Castle (Imperial, NE)
3rd place – Organizational Behavior & Leadership*
6th place – Client Services
7th place – Marketing Concepts

Rachael Cole (Wymore, NE)
1st place – Computer Applications*
1st place – Local Chapter Annual Business Report*
2nd place – Accounting for Professionals*
2nd place – Cost Accounting*
Who’s Who in Nebraska PBL

Rozlyn Cole (Wymore, NE)
7th place – Retail Management
Elected 2019-2020 Vice President of Public Relations for NE PBL

Hannah Cook (Ponca, NE)
1st place – Retail Management*
2nd place – Job Interview*
3rd place – Entrepreneurship Concepts*
3rd place – Information Concepts*
6th place – Insurance Concepts

Anthony De Abreu (Caracas, Venezuela)
1st place – Justice Administration*
1st place – Organizational Behavior & Leadership*

Swaranga Fernando  (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
1st place – Accounting for Professionals*
2nd place – Strategic Analysis & Decision Making*

Sara Granfors (Seward, NE)
1st place – Information Management*
6th place – Statistical Analysis

Lindsay Harlow (Dawson, NE)
2nd place – Information Management*
4th place – Project Management
5th place – Financial Concepts
7th place – Personal Finance

Noah Harvey (Auburn, NE)
1st place – Personal Finance*
4th place – Impromptu Speaking

Emma Johnson (Omaha, NE)
3rd place – Future Business Educator

Spencer Kerwin (Omaha, NE)
1st place – Help Desk*
5th place – Client Services

Brenda Lutz (Rock Port, MO)
1st place – Future Business Educator*
1st place – Future Business Executive*
2nd place – Administrative Technology*

Liam McClarnon (Bellevue, NE)
2nd place – Network Design*
2nd place – Programming Concepts*
3rd place – Computer Concepts*
5th place – Cyber Security
5th place – Networking Concepts
5th place – Project Management

Dolores McGargill (Auburn, NE)
8th place – Information Management

Trey Nelson (Lincoln, NE)
4th place – Future Business Executive

Tristen Nelson (Lincoln, NE)
1st place – Human Resource Management*

Emily Oestmann (Johnson, NE)
2nd place – Business Communication*
3rd place – Computer Animation
3rd place – Desktop Publishing
Elected 2019-2020 Vice President of Technology for NE PBL

Daisy Ramirez (Tecumseh, NE)
8th place – Macroeconomics

Nancy Ramirez (Tecumseh, NE)
8th place – Cyber Security

Takiyah Scott-Hamik (Wayne, NE)
3rd place – Justice Administration*

Noah Wynn (Auburn, NE)
2nd place – Sports Management & Marketing*
3rd place – Accounting Principles*

Team Events—–
Ashli Becker & Velma Hauck (Fremont, NE)
1st place – Integrated Marketing Campaign*

Parliamentary Procedure Second Place Team

Ashli Becker, Velma Hauck & Nancy Ramirez
2nd place – Management Analysis & Decision Making*

Ashli Becker, Dawn Castle & Velma Hauck
2nd place – Marketing Analysis & Decision Making*

Ashli Becker, Hannah Cook & Velma Hauck
4th place – Human Resource Management

Dawn Castle, Noah Harvey, Velma Hauck, Spencer Kerwin & Noah Wynn
2nd place – Parliamentary Procedure*

Rachael Cole, Lindsay Harlow & Brooke Hays
1st place – Forensic Accounting*

Rozlyn Cole, Anthony De Abreu, Brooke Hays, Trey Nelson & Tristen Nelson
1st place – Parliamentary Procedure*

Parliamentary Procedure First Place Team

Rozlyn Cole, Sara Granfors & Spencer Kerwin
2nd place – Emerging Business Issues*

Rozlyn Cole & Sara Granfors
5th place – Human Resource Management

Anthony De Abreu, Liam McClarnon & Trey Nelson
1st place – Global Analysis & Decision Making*

Anthony De Abreu & Noah Harvey
1st place – Management Analysis & Decision Making*

Sara Granfors, Noah Harvey & Spencer Kerwin
1st place – Business Decision Making*

Lindsay Harlow & Brooke Hays
2nd place – Human Resource Management*
3rd place – Financial Analysis & Decision Making

Noah Harvey, Noah Wynn & Tyler Harms
2nd place – Financial Analysis & Decision Making*

Nadja Janjevic & Yorgelys Jaspe
1st place – Website Design*
2nd place – Business Sustainability*

Nadja Janjevic, Yorgelys Jaspe & Brenda Lutz
2nd place – Global Analysis & Decision Making*

Dolores McGargill & Daisy Ramirez
3rd place – Human Resource Management

Trey Nelson & Tristen Nelson
1st place – Accounting Analysis & Decision Making*
3rd place – Economic Analysis & Decision Making