The residents of Hamburg may be bent, but they sure aren’t broken.
I got a snap chat from a friend, Michelle Moore, and had to do some investigating.
She told me that she had installed a light in their neighborhood port-a-potty.
I’d never heard of such a thing and joked with her, “I suppose you’re going to decorate it like home?”
With the help of friends at State Line Design, Greg and Kyndra Gubser, she did just that.
When I arrived on scene, the family met me at their central toilet, and I couldn’t believe what I smelt.
I smelled cinnamon coming from a portable toilet. They had also added cute signs, a lantern, and greenery.
In Hamburg, when your water treatment plant is compromised, you literally make the best of a ... well... difficult situation - by decorating your toilet and adding lights and pleasant smells.
Moore’s daughter, Caitlyn Ward, offered to pose for a picture to let Hamburg residents know it’s ok to make the best of what we have.
The hastag #HamburgStrong has become the new, unspoken, city by-law.
Everyone who could stay in town, has stayed and made the best of it, all the way down to the toilets.

Don’t worry, Michelle ok’d the project with Don’s John’s and they were more than happy to let the family make themselves as comfortable as possible.
Just in case you wondered, Hamburg isn’t going anywhere.
A compromised water treatment plant.
 A few days without natural gas.
 Half the town still under six feet of water in places.
And a community that still finds ways to band together and smile.
This is what being from the Midwest is all about.
Standing #HamburgStrong.