Seniors Helping Seniors matches those 50 and older who want to help others with older residents of southeast Nebraska, southwest Iowa or northwest Missouri who need a little extra help to remain in their homes.
The organization, which recently opened an office at 209 S. 8th St., started in Nebraska City about 10 years ago when David and Darcy Carpenter bought a franchise and relocated here from the Kansas City area. It has helped about 300 people in that time.
The Carpenters serve 21 counties in three states, and their caregivers provide a variety of services to older residents, including companionship, meal preparation, transportation, personal care, and help with minor home repairs.
The Carpenters opened their Nebraska City office to provide a space where they can meet with their 30 active employees as needed and to provide what Darcy Carpenter, who is in charge of marketing, describes as a “living billboard” for the business.
The Carpenters are focusing efforts on growing the business in northwest Missouri.
Future plans call for opening an office in Falls City to better serve Missouri clients.
Before the Carpenters bought their franchise, they investigated other in-home care businesses for seniors.
The idea of seniors helping seniors appealed to them, said Carpenter, because people of a similar age to the clients seemed to relate better to then than younger caregivers did.
Caregivers can pick with whom, when and where they work, said Carpenter, who added that they are always on the lookout for caring, compassionate people who want to help others and make a little extra money while doing it.
She said the clients who need Seniors Helping Seniors most are those with dementia and memory issues, and she said that daily visits of 4 to 6 hours seem to work best to help clients stay in their homes longer.
The most important part of what the Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers do during the daily visits, said Carpenter, is to ensure that clients are taking their medications as prescribed and are eating regularly.
She added that the cost of daily 4-to-6-hour visits range from $2,500 to $3,500 per month, but some costs may be covered by some long-term insurance policies, which will pay an organization like Seniors Helping Seniors, but not a private caregiver.
Seniors Helping Seniors also provides care to residents of long-term care facilities, and they assist families whose loved ones are in hospice care with non-medical help, said Carpenter.
For more information on Seniors Helping Seniors services, visit or call 402-873-0601, 402-713-0541 or 712-326-3064.