The Fremont County Board of Supervisors met four times from Jan. 2 to Jan. 22. Below are some of the issues that Board members dealt with during those meetings.

On Jan. 2:
Appointments were made for Terry Graham, Board Chairman and Randy Hickey as Board Vice Chairman.
Committee appointments were as follows: Supervisor Sheldon—Welcome Center Board, West Central Development, Landfill Commission, Local Emergency Response, Southwest Iowa Juvenile Emergency Services Board, Loess Hills Alliance, and Safety Committee; Supervisor Hickey – DECAT Board, DHS Service Advisory Board, Emergency Management Commission, Waubonsie Mental Health, Regional Planning Affiliate Board, Board of Health, Clarinda Mental Health Center Advisory Board, Workforce Development, and REAP Commission; Supervisor Graham – Tourism Board, Loess Hills Authority, Hungry Canyons Authority, Hungry Canyons Alliance, Southwest Iowa Transit, Southwest Iowa Planning Council, Fourth Judicial 28E Board, and Zion Recovery Board, SCIA, and Local Emergency Response; and Graham, Hickey, and Sheldon appointed to E911 Board.
Office staff was approved for the Fremont County Treasurer, as requested by Treasurer Alise Snyder.  Tricia Martin – Deputy Treasurer, Jordan Kirkpatrick – Deputy Treasurer, & Carissa Buttercase – Deputy Treasurer.
Office staff was approved for the Office of the Fremont County Recorder, as requested by Recorder Jenny McAllister. Pam Daniels – Deputy Recorder & Tarah Berry – Deputy Recorder.
Graham and Hickey were re-appointed to the SWIPCO Policy Council and the board tabled the topic of appointing a third member.

On Jan. 8
The board approved attorneys from the Pottawattamie County Attorney Office to act as special prosecutor to serve in the absence of Deputy County Attorney Tyler Loontjer, who is fulfilling a military commitment and will return on Feb. 25.
John Askew of Missouri Valley Drainage District met with the board regarding the court case with Mule Slough Drainage District. Also attending with him was Mark Birkby from MVDD. He discussed the lack of approval to install the pumps in Mule Slough Drainage District & former West Benton Drainage District. He also discussed concerns of threats that were made to block the water on two of the ditches. He stated that MVDD has maintained the ditch since 1924. They plan to continue to maintain the ditch. In closing, he wanted to make the supervisors aware of the court ruling. Curt Boyd stated that their attorney is filing a motion for clarification of the ruling.  

Jan. 15
Cara Morgan with Golden Hills RC & D, George Parish & Rick Wilson with JEO met with the board regarding a request for extension of the watershed planning contract for 90 days. The Iowa Flood Center produced a report in April of last year, but JEO didn’t receive the report until December.
They would like an extension to June 30, 2019. Morgan has the original timeline, and this was built into that timeline. A motion made by Hickey to extend the deadline. The motion carried unanimously. An archaeological review/consultation was also discussed. The board indicated it would like to move forward with the procurement process for archaeological review/consultation as it is required.
Safety Coordinator Jeff Shirley met with the board to discuss a safety reporting issue. He made a complaint about an interaction with Chief Deputy Owen at the Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 8 regarding a property damage accident that occurred on Jan. 7. The board heard from both parties. Supervisor Graham suggested that Shirley’s point of contact for safety issues be with the safety committee member at the Sheriff’s Office. The board indicated it would look in to clarifying the safety coordinator position.  

Jan. 22
The Mills County Board of Supervisors phoned in to discuss the shared county attorney benefits. The contract states one-fifth to not over one-half. It also states it is for health insurance. The boards indicated a desire for clarification of what insurance is covered and the amount. Both boards agreed that Fremont County will pay one-third of the health insurance policies for Elliott & Loontjer for this year so as not to go over budget. The following year the amount will go up to one-half of the health insurance policies. Mills County will continue to pay 100 percent of their dental and vision insurance.
The agreement can be revised as needed in the future. A motion was made by Sheldon and a vote approved that Fremont County will pay one-third of health insurance policies the attorneys for FY 2018/2019 and then one-half of health insurance in FY 2019/2020.