Garden Walk to serve as HP's major fundraiser for 2019

After serving the betterment needs of the Hamburg community for a half decade, the Hamburg Hometown Pride group is excited about its  tentative plans for the rest of this year and beyond.
Hamburg Hometown Pride began five years ago and has met the requirements for the Keep Iowa Beautiful program which was responsible for its formation.
Through those years, the Hamburg Hometown Pride, and other Hometown Pride groups in the county, were guided by a community coach in Doug Friedli, thanks to the generosity of the City of Hamburg, which helped to pay for the coach’s salary for three years before the Fremont County Board of Supervisors stepped forward to fund the final two years.
It was after the five year period that each group decided whether they would continue betterment activities, re-organize or disband.
Hamburg chose to continue forward and will be aided part time by Friedli in this sixth year, again with funding help by the county.
Friedli’s return is important since the group takes advantage of his knowledge of grant writing and grant availability for HP projects.
Immediately, the Hometown Pride group has plans to decorate planters downtown for the Christmas season. Those decorations are likely to include lights and the group came to the Hamburg city council meeting on Monday, Nov. 12, to discuss the logistics of the decorations and placement of the lights based on power availability.
In going to the city, and working through those channels, the HP group is keeping in line with the kinds of cooperative arrangements that the program encouraged from the beginning.
Looking foward to next year, the HP group is excited about the prospects for its major fundraiser, a garden walk.
Organizers will be looking for about five gardens to feature in a walk through the city.
Those who attend the garden walk will enjoy a wine and cheese event at the conclusion of the walk and will be inspired for their own garden efforts.
The price of attending the garden walk will likely be configured to include the wine and cheese event.
Fundraising is an important component of the fiscal story for the HP group.
Although fundraising opportunities can be hard for the group, mainly due to its members being involved in so many other community efforts, the effort for a major fundraising opportunity helps the group to secure  funds through grants.
Elaine Howard of the Hamburg HP said she is humbled by the volunteer spirit of the people of Hamburg in doing all they can to make the HP efforts successful.
Howard noted that the HP group isn’t closed off to new members. Howard said she would encourage new members to bring their energy and new ideas.
Below are just a few of the other ideas that the Hamburg HP is exploring for 2019.
—A bike trail might be coming to Hamburg and the HP group is already looking for ways to beautify the potential trail head or trail end on that project.
—The HP group is interested in the possibility of adding a new mural to the Colonial Theater.
—A bench is being added near the existing historic mural on E Street thanks to grant assistance from the Southwest Iowa Community Foundation.
—The HP group will likely add to the barn quilts in the Hamburg area this year. The barn quilts are part of a barn quilt trail, which is organized by the Percival Hometown Pride.
—The Hamburg HP group will give attention to the planters in the city park as they have done each year.
—Plans are being considered to bring back the hot air balloons which were featured last year at the Hamburg Popcorn Day. 
Weather kept the hot air balloons grounded but organizers are hoping for better weather for Popcorn Day 2019.
—The HP group plans to designate, in a first phase, five buildings or areas that have an important historical significance to Hamburg. Plaques will be installed and will feature the history and original owners for the site or building with a “Did you know?” sort of connotation.
—The HP group has plans to help commemorate the 100 year birthday of the public library as well.