The Hamburg Popcorn Day festivities including the crowning of royalty on Main Street on Saturday, Sept. 8.
Royalty for this year included a former royal in Million Porter, who was Popcorn Day Queen in 1963.
The winner of the Miss Popcorn Day Queen for 2018 was Caitlyn Ward.
Ward has been in basketball for three years and volleyball for three years. She was in track for two years and also ran cross country one year. She has been involved in art club and BPA.
Community service projects to this point have included youth coaching and also helping with the Sidney Rodeo.
Her future plans include attending college to obtain a degree for work as a dental technician. She would also like to pursue a college career in basketball.
Ward is the daughter of Michelle Moore and Carl Ward.
The Miss Popcorn Princess for 2018 was Mia Obarsky.
She is the daughter of Chase and Yenny O’Barsky. Mia said she would like to be a vet someday so that she can help animals when they are hurt or need medicine.
See page two for pictures of all the candidates for royalty honors.