Kids in the Hamburg school district are gearing up to head back to school with the first day of classes set for Thursday, Aug. 23.
Registration was to be conducted on Tuesday, Aug. 14. Parents of registrants receive a list for school supplies and also are notified if the kids need to update their immunizations before the new school year commences.
Kids who are going into school sports should be aware that they’ll need a physical before participating in practice or games. Junior high football will be a cooperative effort this year with Sidney while Hamburg will host volleyball and cross country teams.
Other activities to keep your eye on as the year starts include scuba club, which is limited to the 10 kids, as well as mock trial club and Lego league club. Sign ups for all of those will happen soon after classes begin.
Back-to-School night will be Wednesday, Aug. 22, with kids and parents being invited to come and meet teachers and put away their school supplies.
The first day of the new school year will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 23, and that schedule will be repeated on Friday, Aug. 24, before the regular schedule commences on Monday, Aug. 27.
Those concerned about the Makerspace program starting on time will be pleased to note that, despite the building project being a bit behind, the program will begin on Sept. 9 as originally planned. The Makerspace construction will not be completed until Sept. 21, but Dr. Mike Wells said the program will begin and will just utilize other rooms at the school.
“We do not want to postpone it. These programs are going to be very exciting for our kids,” said Dr. Wells.
In one other Popcorn Day related note, a club for putting together elementary and middle school floats for the Popcorn Day parade on Sept. 8 will begin after school on Monday, Aug. 27.