Citizens with a vested interest in the pool were present at the July meeting of the Hamburg City Council to convey their high level of appreciation for everything the city has done to make the pool a great place to be this summer.
From portable steps to pool side chairs and more, the pool improvements have drawn compliments from the public and have attracted visitors from the neighboring states.
After hearing the compliments, the members of the council began to visit about other updates and improvements that could be done at the pool.
Al Dovel of the city of Hamburg said the improvements at the facility to this point have been to increase its usefulness to all citizens.
With those considerations made, the city may look at other improvements in future years to include, a shade providing awning, paved or improved handicapped parking, a space for kids to eat their treats from the concession stand the addition of a splash pad at the site.
The awning would be  something that would stand on its own rather than being connected to structure and the cost is reasonable at $5K.
Council member Kent Benefiel said that the awning might be something that the council could put in their budget.
The handicap parking improvements would seek to increase the visibility of the option and to make it easier for wheelchairs to navigate the ground around that space.
Dovel said it can be hard to get a wheelchair over a rocked surface.
In terms of the concession designated area  and the splash park, those are a little bit more on the dream side of the ledger at this point.
The council will seek funds for those projects through grants and hope to move toward making those a reality.
Splash parks are ever increasing in popularity and are seen as a fantastic pool amenity or stand alone feature by pool goers.
Although the addition of such a park is not guaranteed, council member Russell Stockstell said he would like to see energy put behind the effort.
“If you don’t dream it and you don’t plan it, you’ll never have it,” he said.
Dovel said the splash park would require engineering as it would be a major modification to the pool area.

The council members made the decision to go forward on a case-by-case basis to determine what kinds of livestock would be permitted in town limits.
Hamburg resident Lester Bruce was on hand to get direction from the council in regard to his livestock, which amounts to five chickens and two ducks.
The council visited about livestock becoming a problem and agreed that those are the kinds of issues which would lead the council to rule against an arrangement.
The council members noted that the Bruce chickens and ducks don’t get out and haven’t been an issue. As a result, the council approved him to have such livestock.
In the future, residents can come before the council, in the same way that Bruce did, and get direction on livestock ownership in the city.