With a decision finally having been made to reject the Lewis Clark Recycling and Disposal (LCRD) proposal, the Fremont County Landfill Commission has decided to move forward with a new cell expansion.
The commission has known it needed to build a new cell at the landfill for many months, as it is an expected part of landfill operations to open a new area once the previous area is filled with waste.
Around November of last year Fremont County Landfill Manager Casey Moyer told the commission they should plan on lining up funding and beginning construction of a new cell by April of this year.
With ongoing discussion about the LCRD proposal to close the landfill and lease the property to LCRD for use as a transfer station, action on funding and building a new cell got put off until the decision to reject the LCRD proposal was made just this last month.
At the July 10 meeting, the commission reviewed the landfill’s financial situation and research on costs to build a new cell or open a county transfer station instead.  
Information put together by Lisa Irvin, Cindy Turkle, engineering consultant, and Moyer showed the new cell construction would cost approximately $471,000 and last for between two and two and a half years, versus about three times that amount to put in a transfer station.  
Alternatively, the commission could build both the phase five cell and the phase four and five abutment for approximately $811,000 and get about 8-9 more years of waste storage.
Turkle reminded the commission in her information that the extra 8-9 years would give the commission time to build up the closure and post-closure accounts the county is required to have fully funded before the landfill closes.  
According to information given by Irvin, the commission currently has $740,000 of the expected required $1.5 million closure/post-closure costs.
The commission voted to look into renegotiation of the current bond to construct phase five and the phase four and five abutment and asked Irvin to talk to the Fremont County Auditor about the same as soon as possible.