The Fremont County Board of Supervisors reviewed a list of potential extra costs to installing the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communication System (ISICS) provided to them by Fremont County Sheriff Kevin Aistrope at their July 10 meeting.
Aistrope said the quote from Electronic Engineering to move paging equipment and road department communication equipment from the old tower to the new jail site was $38,000.  Midwest Data Center will connect the fiber from Hamburg to Sidney at an initial cost of $3,500 plus $1,000 per month to rent the lines.  Eventide will renew the dispatch recording system license for $2,100.  Aistrope said other potential costs might include building permits, utility connections, upgrades to structures, and road maintenance.
Aistrope reported he had gotten the DNR okay on the Hamburg water tower site, but they did say there should be a key in a central location for access in an emergency.
Supervisor Terry Graham asked if there would be any compatibility issues when moving the equipment from the tower at the old jail.  Aistrope said the only issue would be if the road department wanted to get on the statewide system, too, as there would be an additional $5,500 per radio update approximate cost.  
Aistrope said he and Dan Davis had talked, though, and Davis did not want to get on the state system.  Aistrope added that the equipment Davis had was working well, and would probably even work a little better at the new site.
The supervisors questioned whether Aistrope could get more specific information about the potential costs he hadn’t priced out, and said they planned to get the bonding agent in to talk to them soon.
Aistrope told the supervisors he had hired Ashton Taylor Luke, a former Fremont-Mills (F-M) graduate, to act as school resource officer/deputy for F-M and Sidney Schools.  Luke was a certified deputy in South Dakota and will have to become certified in Iowa.  Luke will begin SRO training the week of July 15, and Aistrope said the schools have already signed the contract.
Aistrope requested approval to purchase a vehicle for Luke and said with a contract signed already by the schools, the county could bill for their payment of 75 percent of the deputy’s salary up front. The supervisors approved the purchase of a vehicle for Deputy/SRO Luke.
In other business, the supervisors:
approved renewal of the county’s financial assurance for the landfill’s closure/post-closure costs;
approved this year’s noxious weed resolution, and
signed the single audit form for the CDBG funding.