A valuable creature was born in Hamburg in October 2014…the Hamburg Community Endowment. It is like a goose that lays golden eggs. The bigger it grows, the more eggs it will lay every year. And magically, this goose will live forever.
As we prepare for Hamburg’s 160th birthday this year, citizens have an opportunity to honor the past by feeding this goose so it can provide more gold in the future.
The board members of the Hamburg Community Endowment are asking people to contribute $160 in honor of Hamburg’s special birthday in 2018.
The annual earnings from this fund will be used to benefit Hamburg for good…forever.  The idea to start growing the endowment fund was hatched at a Hamburg Hometown Pride meeting.
The committee members were searching for funding sources to complete community betterment projects. The first donor contributed $500. Other contributions followed, including memorials at funerals, and a donor of modest means who drops off $50 per month at City Hall. Another individual made a series of gifts over three years totaling $10,000. More than 70 donors have now contributed, growing the balance to over $44,000.
The Hamburg Community Endowment fund is managed by the Fremont County Community Foundation.
In September 2018, grants totaling $1,900 (which is a payout of 4.5 percent of the principal) will be available to help complete upcoming community betterment projects in Hamburg.
Your help is needed to help grow the Hamburg Community Endowment. 160 people contributing $160 would increase the balance by $25,000! That would add $1,125 to the annual payout.  Please take your donations, made payable to the Hamburg Community Endowment, to the Great Western Bank in Hamburg.
Questions about the endowment can be answered by Kent Claiborne or by other local board members Beth Mincer, Hank Martin, Steven Middaugh, Jacque Beam and Elaine Howard.
Thank you for helping build a better future for Hamburg!