Inspiration from the Honor Flight, which seeks to honor the service of veterans by taking them, cost free, to see the Washington D.C. memorial connected to a particular conflict, has led a Lincoln organization to create a more local option for veterans—an honor ride.
On June 30, Vietnam veterans will board limousine busses in Lincoln and travel to the Montz Motorcycle Museum in Tecumseh. Leading the busses will be a volunteer honor guard of motorcycle riders from all walks of life.
Glenn Shriner of Nebraska Riders said his group came up with this idea to honor veterans that were not always thanked for their service. When Vietnam veterans returned home from service, many hid their identity as service members because they were told they would not be received well. Some got rid of their dog tags or pins of service. Very few were thanked. Many were mocked or treated poorly.
In recent times, Americans have voiced a need to thank the Vietnam veterans for their service.
Shriner said it’s unfortunate that many Vietnam veterans have since passed away and will never get that welcome.
This event is meant to honor the service members we still have and to remember the sacrifices made by all service members in the Vietnam conflict.
Shriner said the event has gotten great feedback so far.
“It has really started to pick up and take off,” said Shriner, adding that he might organize a second trip to honor Vietnam veterans.
Members of the public can participate in this event in many ways. If you are a Vietnam veteran, Shriner invites you to call 402-802-5411 to get a spot reserved on the limousine bus.
Do you ride a motorcycle? You could be part of the lead group in the caravan. Just show up at the start of the caravan in Lincoln, the Center for People in Need at 3901 N. 27th St.
Those interested in thanking the veterans for their service should take note of the following route. The caravan will leave the Center for People in Need at 3901 N. 27th St. in Lincoln at 10:45 a.m. and travel down 27th Street to Highway 2. The caravan will then travel east on Highway 2 to the Syracuse exit and will take Highway 50 to Tecumseh. The same route will be repeated in reverse with veterans  leaving Tecumseh at 2 p.m.
The program at Tecumseh will include the issuance of new dog tags and military service pins to those Vietnam veterans who no longer have those items.
Would you like to donate money to this cause? That’s possible as well by going to Go Fund Me on the web and searching for Nebraska Riders. Can’t find the page? Just call Shriner at 402-802-5411. Donations from businesses and individuals are welcomed.
The Nebraska Riders is a unity group for all types of motorcycle riders who would like to get together for companionship and also to do some thing for their community.