A funding question was cleared up at the May 1 Fremont County Supervisors meeting. Sandra Bengtson, President of the Fremont County Historical Society, approached the board with questions regarding the allocation of grant monies during the quarterly Tourism Board meeting in April.
“At that meeting the tourism board made a final decision that the ‘historical society would have to apply for the $3000 per year, through the grant process, because no other organization in the county were given automatic amounts’ ”, said Bengtson.
She also pointed out that the historical society is not the only organization to receive an automatic yearly payments, specifically citing the libraries in Fremont County.
Bengtson said that as a non-profit, the historical society cannot provide a reliable minimum income that grant funding requires. Uncertain fund amounts could jeopardize the future of the organization and the museum it operates.
Supervisor Hendrickson, who was present at the tourism board meeting, said there was a misunderstanding. “The intent was not to take away the $3000 from the historical society,” said Hendrickson.
Since the grant money comes out of tourism dollars, an application must be received.
“All we are asking for, is that you just fill out a grant each year… so everything is legal”.
In regards to the libraries, Dee Owen, Fremont County Auditor said, “The libraries are state mandated, they tell us how much we have to pay, we don’t have a choice in that.”
Hendrickson reassured the society that they will have yearly funding if they go through the proper channels.

In other recent meetings
The board has discussed the future of the old jail building.
A few citizens have expressed interest in purchasing the building. The board will check with the county attorney on how to proceed with the bid and sale process.The board unanimously approved a Class C liquor license for Williams-Jobe-Gibson Post 128.
The board was approached by Dan Davis, Engineer and Jeff Shirley, Roads Purchasing Agent to purchase a rear mount shredder for county road upkeep. The board unanimously voted to approve the request.
The board is taking applications for a new conservation board member. There will be a separate publication regarding the opening in a future paper. Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on June 18.
The board was introduced to Tina Bakehouse, the new Outreach and Communications Coordinator for Golden Hills RC&D. Bakehouse stressed the importance of development for the county and asked the supervisors for their insight in future endeavors.
The board also approved a renewal of Sapp Bros Travel Center’s cigarette/tobacco/nicotine/vapor permit.