Concerned citizens filled the room at the Fremont County Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 10, with both support and criticism aimed at a proposed school resource officer for Fremont Mills and Sidney Schools.

Tyler Loontjer, Assistant Mills County Attorney addressed the board to revisit the possibility of introducing a school resource officer (SRO) through the Fremont County Sheriff’s office. The proposal would split a full time deputy between the two schools. The SRO would be in place this August for the 2018/19 school year. Both districts have voiced an interest in an exclusive full time deputy if the program proves successful.

The school would pick up 75 percent of the salary for the SRO, and the county would pay salary while the officer is on regular duty, during the summer months.

“A lot of school’s use the dropout prevention funds through the state,” to pay the SRO’s salary, said Loontjer.

According to the Sheriff Kevin Aistrope, costs of equipment and a vehicle are figured into the contract with the county. Job benefits for the SRO would be the responsibility of the county sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Aistrope says he has a plan for the hiring process. “I’m going to involve the two schools, “ said Aistrope. Supervisor Earl Hendrickson also suggested involving the board. A panel of professionals will be put together to select the right candidate.

Hamburg Community School District was approached about their needs for an SRO. They expressed no interest at this time.

A motion was made to move forward with formal discussions with both schools and write up a draft for a contract.  When all information has been gathered, it will be presented to the board for a final vote.

Hendrickson made a motion for the sheriff’s office to move forward with negotiations. The motion carried with Earl Hendrickson and Randy Hickey voting yes, and Terry Graham voting no.

New hire for Recorder’s office

The board received a resolution from the recorder’s office, to hire a new full time employee. Jennifer McAllister, Fremont County Recorder, addressed the board about the need for a new hire.
“Every other office in this building has three employees or more,” said McAllister.
She also said that part-time workers create a high turnover for the office.
Earl Hendrickson did not agree.
“That office ran for years with a full timer and a part timer”, said Hendrickson.
Terry Graham made a motion to approve the new hire. Hickey voted yes and Hendrickson voted no. The motion carried.

Boy Scouts - park waiver

Brian Harris, Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 73, came before the board to ask for a park use fee waiver. The troop with be hosting the district Camp-a-ree for the first time in over 20 years on April 20-22. The event will be located at the Fremont County Conservation Park. Harris said the waiver could be traded for some service clean-up at the park, provided by the scouts. The board unanimously voted to waive the park use fee for the troop.

GCH Fundraiser - green fees

Judy Holliman and Elaine Payne, Directors of the Grape Community Hospital Foundation requested the board waive the green fees for the annual GCH Golf Tournament fundraiser on June 8 and 9. The board voted unanimously to grant the request.

In other news:

The board voted to approve the Class C Native Wine, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales Liquor License for Sugar Clay Winery & Vineyard.
The board accepted a resolution to hire two part-time golf course employees.

News items from past Fremont County Board of Supervisors meetings:

Troy Housh approached the board requesting approval of the Lawn World contract renewal.  He presented a 5-step plan and advised an upfront payment. The motion to renew the contract carried unanimously.
Joella Travis addressed the board to discuss using the courthouse parking lot for a community event. The Junk in the Trunk event will be held April 27- 29. Travis requested to use the courthouse parking lot during the event. The request was unanimously granted by the board.