Over 50 students took to the stage to entertain audiences with Airline, Sidney High School’s spring play. The play was held March 22 and 23 at the Sidney Elementary gym. Airline is a three act comedy about the world’ cheapest airline, Go Bananas Airline. The airline is so pathetic that even the legendary Bermuda Triangle denies its planes.
Nicole Zavadil, high school music teacher said the play is unique because there is no lead role. She said the whole cast shares the lead, with almost every student having a speaking part. “So many kids get that opportunity to speak on stage”, said Zavadil.
The first act opened with a group of flight attendant trainees preparing for their first formal flight. Sophie White plays a stewardess who never makes in onto the plane. “I literally got tied up”, said White, referring to the comical scene of being tied up and silenced by a rival attendant who wanted to take her place on the flight.
Jaden Sears plays Bozo Savoy, a flashy movie producer that will do anything to stop his client, LuLu Van Oops, played by Haylee Sloop, from boarding the plane. “Bozo is all about making money and saving his movie business”, said Sears, whose character, ironically, hasn’t made a blockbuster since Disaster in the Air.
Zany airline passengers include Rock Star, played by Austin Graham. “He’s self centered and pretty awesome. I get to be outrageous”, said Graham.
In between acts, Ingagi the gorilla, played by Braidy Hutt, would run through the audience creating pandemonium among the crowd. As the mascot for the airline, Ingagi’s job was to encourage the audience to “go bananas”.
Students prepared for the play by attending practices four nights a week since January. Evan Gutzmer said the students have enjoyed getting to work closely together.
“Everyone gets to bond and interact with each other”, said Gutzmer, “This is the last big thing we get to do together and we try to savor the moments.”
The students celebrated their success by attending a cast party the last night of the play.