Jamie Behrends (RN) and the Southwest Iowa Home Health providers have been instrumental in helping the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office provide public safety to the citizens of Fremont County. Behrends and her team work on Emergency Preparedness Grants for local law enforcement. Above, Behrends presents the Sheriff Kevin Aistrope with 10 Ballistic response kits and 10 tourniquets for the department’s deputies. These kits contain valuable first aid items to combat major wounds such as gunshots and major lacerations that may occur in active threat situations. Behrends was able to get a kit for each deputy on the sheriff's office. Behrends and Southwest Iowa Home Health are also the ones who provided the AEDs last year that have played a vital role in service to the citizens. The AEDs alone have been used numerous times in life saving situations. Sheriff Aistrope wants to thank Behrends and her team for all their hard work in helping provide these services.