Fremont County will join the Iowa Precinct Atlas Consortium, according to a decision made at their Jan. 16 meeting.
Auditor Dee Owen explained school and city elections will be combined in 2019, which will complicate things at the polling places in some of the towns.  
She gave an example of Farragut, where people will have city matters to vote on, and Shenandoah and Sidney School District matters to vote on.
 Workers at polling places have always looked voter names up in a ledger and given them their ballots, but that would be changed slightly in future.  
With the Iowa Precinct Atlas Consortium, run by ISAC, polling place workers will check voters in on a laptop or computer with special programming and software designed by the Consortium to simplify the process.
It will cost Fremont County $1,500 per year plus 2 cents per registered voter to join the Consortium.  The Consortium installs the program, provides training and provides software updates.
Owen said her office had been considering a program like this for about five years, and had researched similar ones, including one provided by the Iowa Secretary of State.  Knowing about the upcoming change to shared City and School elections was a push to choose a program, and the Iowa Precinct Atlas Consortium program seemed the most user friendly.  
Owen also located two-year-old laptops for sale through Pottawattamie County for $30 each and bought 8, one for use in each of the cities.  Owen expects the new system will be up and running in time for the primary election.
Owen talked to the board about the county’s process for handling county-held tax sale certificates, and said she had recently discovered the county was making it more difficult than it needed to be.  She explained other counties just do a motion to turn the property over to the buyer, and don’t hold a hearing.  Fremont County holds public hearings on tax sale certificates, increasing the time to ownership as well as related costs.  
The supervisors were interested in changing the county’s process, but did discuss the need to continue to pass resolutions on tax sale certificates for purposes of recordkeeping and paper trails if nothing else.
A public hearing was held on the tax sale certificate for the property located at 809 Alice Avenue in Riverton.  This property is a vacant lot, and the owners of the adjacent property were the ones receiving the tax sale certificate.  There were no public comments, and the board passed a resolution approving the tax sale certificate.
In other business:
The board approved the purchase of two utility boxes for the County Road Department’s two new crew trucks, at a cost of around $9,700 each.
The board began working on county budgets, with the intent to start with the Treasurer’s Office and Auditor’s Office that day.