West Central Community Action (WCCA) recently gave an annual report to the Fremont County Board of Supervisors and requested $3,500 support for 2018.  According to the report Joel Dirks provided, 338 households and 827 individuals were served by WCCA in Fremont County in 2017, at a total cost of $760,497.
WCCA services include Head Start and Early Head Start, child care resources/referrals/food programs and professional development services, weatherization for low income homes, senior employment, heat/energy assistance, family development services, and WIC, among other things.
At the time the report was prepared, WCCA was operating one Head Start classroom in the county, in Hamburg, and serving 11 children.  Early Head Start was a home-based option, also serving 11 children.
Home weatherization assistance was granted to four households in the county in 2017, for a total of $65,017.43.  Low-income energy assistance (LIHEAP) was granted to 177 households in Fremont County for 2017, for a total of $89,780.  Additionally, Emergency Crisis Intervention Payments (ECIP) assisted 36 households with payment for weather-related/supply shortage emergencies, for a total of $16,287.41.
Eight families participated in the Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) program, and 148 people participated in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program.  This program provided approximately $20,582.49 worth of food vouchers for 2017.
The total cost of these and other services was $760,497, with $589,070 of that amount being for actual services, and $171,427 being administrative and delivery costs.   
Programs that proved to be the most expensive to provide were Head Start/Early Head Start/MIECHV/Wrap-Around Family Services at $241,074, and Fuel and Utility Assistance, at $108,339.  Dirks said the organization continues to meet its goal to keep administrative costs below five percent.
On a more basic level, the report showed that 37 percent of the households served were single person households, and 59 percent of the households served had incomes below the 100 percent poverty guideline.
(The annual federal poverty 100 percent guideline for a family of four was $24,600.)  
Of the households receiving services, 65 percent were on a fixed monthly income, and 60 percent were renting their homes.  Clients receiving services ranged in age, with 42 percent being 18-54 years old.  Around 19 percent of the clients served were disabled, and 11 percent of the clients had no health insurance.
WCCA is funded through the support of the counties it serves, as well as various State and Federal funding partners. The Fremont County supervisors agreed the county would provide $3,500 in support to WCCA for the 2018 year.