The Holiday season has arrived, Thanksgiving has come and gone and we all discovered we had much to be thankful for. As I welcomed spending my day with the younger generation, I couldn’t help noticing that they were caught up in the Black Friday excitement and couldn’t wait to start shopping.
I am much too old to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping at midnight for bargains. I much prefer to do my Christmas shopping on line where I can put on my jammies and sip hot chocolate while browsing the internet.
However, I did see one on-line ad that made me queasy. It simply stated, “We are bringing Black Friday back to life!” I found that weird.
Why would you want to bring something back to life that clearly was gone? That thought, which was odd enough, immediately brought on another even stranger one.
I began  to ruminate about being brought back to life after death, which of course, brought me to the popularity in our modern culture of  zombies. No, I do not watch the Walking Dead on television, but I have read a lot about the belief in voodoo and the Creole and Haitian belief in Vampires.
Yes, I guess my brain works in mysterious ways, because I was reminded of the story of the chicken  who came back to life after having its head chopped off. That chicken lived another two years. Would that old Rooster be considered a zombie? The following is a true story:
On September 10, 1945, a farmer named Lloyd Olsen slaughtered 40 chickens by chopping off their heads. They flopped around as chickens are wont to do when their heads are chopped off, but then  thirty-nine of them lay very still. The other one got to its feet and started staggering toward the hen house.
Mr Olsen looked on in amazement and then quickly followed. It seems when that chicken’s head
came off, a part of the brain stem remained, and a blood clot stopped the rooster from bleeding to death. He continued to live so the Olsens made him a pet and named him Mike! They fed him directly into his esophagus with an eye-dropper and he  lived for another two years.
Now you must admit a headless chicken named Mike is a rare thing indeed, so the Olsen’s took him on a whirl-wind continental tour and made lots of money.
It may have been good for the Olsens, but it wasn’t so good for other chickens because farmers everywhere began chopping off chicken heads, thinking they,too, could get rich. Alas, it didn’t work again, and scores of chickens gave up their lives for nothing.
Unfortunately, Mike choked to death in a hotel room two years later while on tour. This time he didn’t come back.
What does this have to do with Black Friday or zombies? Nothing really! It is just that Mike was the closest to a zombie that I’d ever heard of, and I think a lot of shoppers appear to be zombies after spending so many hours shopping on Black Friday. That is why I do my Christmas shopping on the internet.