The Washington P.E.P. 4-H club held a meeting Sunday, Nov. 19, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Hamburg.  The meeting was called to order by Vice President Adam Thompson. Roll call was “What is your favorite thing to do for Thanksgiving.” We had 11 club members and five Clover Kids in attendance.
Pledge to the American Flag was led by Jacob Nelson.
The Clover Kids went with new Clover Kids leader Suzanne Moody and learned about building structures. They talked about the Three Little Pigs and even got to build marshmallow and toothpick houses for their pigs. All of the houses that they build even stayed standing when the Big Bad Wolf tried to blow them down!
Secretary, Ashley Henneman, read the minutes for the month of October. These minutes were approved by Jacob Nelson with a second by Grant Laumann.
Treasurer, Jake Stenzel, then gave the treasurer’s report with a balance of $2,755.23. Outstanding bills for Tree City Tees for $178.99 was received. Sophie White approved it and Jacob Nelson seconded it.
County Council members (Jed Whitehead, Connor Owen, and Adam Thompson) reported that County Awards night went well and everyone had fun!
Youth Committee member (Ashley Henneman) reported that at the last meeting the Youth Committee had talked about adding a home raised division for goats, sheep, and swine.
“Green Folders” were passed out to all members in attendance. Members updated their yearly goals.
Family night was set as Sunday, Dec., 3 at 4:30 pm at the Phillip’s shop with more details to come out in an email at a later date. This was approved by Jacob Nelson with a second by Grant Laumann.
The 4-H pledge was led by Grant Laumann.
No presentations were given.
The Stenzel family provided snacks and the Laumann family provided juice pouches for the club!
The next meeting will be held at the Phillips’s shop at 4:30 pm with Family Night to follow (look for an email will all of the details).
Respectfully submitted, Ashley Henneman.