Last week, I attended a luncheon at a nice restaurant with a number of other “mature” women.
We continued to stream in, sit down at a very long table and visit until one of the women present jumped up and said “This will never do!”
Everyone looked at her and wondered what was wrong. She told us. “There are 13 of us around this table. We’ll have to split up!”
She had a superstition that if 13 people ate together at a table, one of them wouldn’t be there the next year.
I kind of laughed to myself that the fact that one of us – nary a one under 80, just might not be here next year anyway. Whether or not there were 13 of us eating at the same table.
The waitress obliged and split the tables and our superstitious friend was happy.
My grandmother Cook had the same superstition about 13 around the table. She also had a reputation for inviting everyone she saw to join the Cooks for Sunday dinner.
The result was often there were more people present than she had places set. If there were 13, some of the younger guests were sent to the children’s table in another room.
I think Mark ended up there until he was in college. Carolyn was sent there, too.
Ken probably wished he could join them because he had to eat at least some of her “special” stuffing before he could hide the rest under a bone or some lettuce!
That was one of my grandmothers ordinarily delicious concoctions that only she thought was special!
Personally, I don’t walk under ladders. I saw my first black squirrel today. It ran across my path. Was that bad luck – like a black cat?
It must have been bad luck for the squirrel or his buddy because a black squirrel hadn’t made it across the road when I came back down that street.
I pick up pennies - not as easily as I used to do – but I’ll be darned if I’m going to pass up any denomination of money. Picking up pennies is supposed to bring good luck, according to some.
One neighbor wouldn’t start planting a crop on Friday.
Others have a special saying when someone drops their silverware. Stepping on a crack in the sidewalk?
Personally, I just happy I can stay upright on the sidewalk and not meet it face to face! Cracks or no cracks.
Recently, I encouraged a young friend of mine to expand her garden. She was spading up some hard ground around her new home and stood on the spade to force it deeper in the soil.
She fell off of the spade, broke her wrist in many places, requiring additional surgeries. She thinks that is an omen she shouldn’t try gardening. I told her it was a warning for her husband to help her.
A week ago she was worried someone from “the other side” was trying to contact her because flocks of butterflies were following her. I told her it was just because they liked her perfume. She believed me.
Do you have a special superstition? I’ll lend you my rabbit’s foot for good luck. But, I have to warn you. It didn’t bring the rabbit good luck.