In just a few days, Nebraska Citian Lizzy Rasmussen will get to live out her dream of meeting Katy Perry when she sings for the American Idol judge at an audition in New York City.
Rasmussen, age 20, has already auditioned twice for the 2018 ABC re-boot of the popular Fox television show which went off the air following its 15th season in 2016.
The Nebraska City signer first auditioned with her sister Mellanie at Omaha on Aug. 29.
Contestants at the Omaha auditions were placed into groups and sang
for Omaha audition producers. Rasmussen could sing 90 seconds of two songs and choose Broken Wings by Flyleaf and Thinking of You by Katy Perry.
After singing her first song, the judges were pleased and asked for the second song.
“I told them that I am a Katy Perry fan and that I have a tattoo of Katy Perry on my leg,” Rasmussen said.
Of course the judges were anxious to hear Rasmussen sing one of Katy’s songs and thought she did a great job with it.

A short on-camera interview followed Rasmussen’s audition and those tapes were sent to executive producers for the show who then choose Rasmussen to sing at an audition in Chicago on Sept. 11.
She drove roughly nine hours for that audition date and says, once at the venue, she was placed with a group and waited for her name to be called to sing.
This time around, Rasmussen sang Decode by Paramore and Firework by Katy Perry to the delight of the judges, who told her that she would get a dream meeting with Perry.
Although it was nerve racking to sing under pressure, Rasmussen said the whole experience went by pretty quick.
“I didn’t even get to sing the full 90 seconds of my first song,” she said.
And her reaction to going through ot the next round?
“I was crying and freaking out because that’s my idol,” Rasmussen said.
The next round of auditions will take place in New York City.
It was not known at that time of Rasmussen’s Chicago audition what celebrity judges, if any, would join Katy in New York City. It has been announced that country star Luke Bryan will be taking the second seat as a judge. A third judge could be announced anytime now.
Many singers dream of moments like the ones that Rasmussen has experienced and the future seems almost too bright to contemplate at length.
Through the first two auditions, Rasmussen said she felt confident in herself that she could come through and sing her way into the American Idol competition.
The thought of being on television and being away from home are on Rasmussen’s mind. She knows the unbelievable opportunity that could be awaiting her, but she’s not allowing the idea to consume her at this point.
“I am not trying to put more on my plate than what I already have,” said Rasmussen. “I am going with the flow right now.”
Rasmussen is working to finalize the details of her New York City trip and is pinching her pennies so that her savings can be stretched as far as possible.
Rasmussen said her friends and family are excited about her journey and have been supportive. She says that her boss at work has also been very understanding and will be giving her time off to audition.
“I am blessed that everyone is helping me out and rooting for me,” said Rasmussen.